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Added a section on Glyph of Detection and the return of swirly ball, since we've seen a number of threads created asking what the crap it is.

Recommendations for additional sections are most welcome!
Hiya Rfeann ! =)
Just wanted to take a moment to say 'thank you' for keeping this thread going and the info flowing, I know I've found some darn useful tidbits in here and I'm sure many others have as well.
My rogue is strictly battlegrounds pvp, so I'm always keeping an eye out for useful information for the pvp rogue because that's where I have the best time " MURDERING, FRUSTRATING AND OTHERWISE INCONVENIENCING OTHER PLAYERS " !! hehehe ( that's become one of my most favorite quotes ever lol )

Anyway, thanks again Rfeann. 8-)
For a qruel person, you sure are kind. HA! I'M SO FUNNY.

You're wonderfully nice to take the time to post those words, but I'm going to deflect all of them to Sheevah. Well, no, I'll keep 10% for myself as a finder's fee. The rest go to Sheevah. He's the author of virtually everything you've seen in the PvP sections for the past several months; I've never had the courage to PvP enough to get to the point where I can be an expert on it in my own right.

In one of the most tragic developments in forum roguery since Caera got an all-consuming new job earlier this year, Sheevah's letting his subscription expire relatively soon, and I have no idea what will become of the PvP areas of this sticky (and its associated threads) after that. I may lurk around for a partner in murderous crime to help me fill in those gaps (though why anyone wouldn't just rather create their own thread is beyond me), or I may just do a lot more reading and studying of PvP guides, expert posts and videos than I had before, so that I can at least offer up a summary of others' advice in lieu of having anything worthwhile to say myself. We'll see.

In the meantime, tho, I'm pleased and relieved you've gotten as much out of the sticky as you have, even in this weird Patch 5.0.4/5 limbo we're currently in. Same goes for anyone who's come across this thread and has taken the time to read through what's admittedly a huge slog of info that isn't terribly easy to navigate through.
This page has been temporarily removed from this thread for violating at least 35 separate Swiss laws of decency, and for taking candy from a baby.

Give me back my candy! :(
Don't make me put you in a corner.
easily soloable instances for rogues would be nice to know :o there are places i know i can solo, and others im really hesitant to step into.
I'll do a new round of searching to see if anyone's created new/updated guides for Pandaria. So many of the particulars that went into the pre-Mists guides aren't relevant anymore that I wouldn't recommend using them. The changes to our talent trees in particular have messed with a lot of the fundamental aspects of how a rogue "prepares" for soloing content now.

This entire guide is in need of a revisit now that Mists has been out for several weeks. I'll try to grab time to do it over the next week or so, and I'll do my best to include stuff on soloing if I can find it.
took me a while to find my way here, now I can start learning my toon..thanks from me ..the Noob
Hello, roguemanity!

I've finally swept through the PvE-at-level-90 sections and updated them for the first time in a couple of months. There's still a lot of questions and answers I'd like to add, but spare time has been at a premium for me lately, and I admit I've been spending a good chunk of it playing around with my new rogue news blog (SHAMELESS PLUG OH SO SHAMELESS), so I haven't yet filled out the section nearly as fully as I'd like. Stay tuned for further additions.

The PvP section remains completely destitute and not updated for Mists. You are missed, Sheevah!

I've also overhauled the first post with a new table of contents that I hope is a little easier to browse/navigate. It's probably not, but I'm pretty sure the previous one was worse.

Feedback and new question requests are most welcome! Thank you for stopping by.
Eww PvE. Sir Senoxis here to ruin this post and turn it into a PvP section for rogues ;)

As an Undead:
1). Dwarves make the best food so always cannibalize the Dwarves.
2). The people who are Humans are usually the people who are the most elite of WoW and think they're good, those people you have to cannibalize so they rage quit WoW.
3). Gnome Fingers....... may be tiny but still good to eat. ;)
4). Save the female elves, don't wanna kill them.
5). Draenei's will kill you... their scales are poisonous... so don't cannibalize them.
6). Worgens are only good if they're cut up, unless you like a little fur on your meat.

Thank you for you time, i'll see you around. c:

-Senoxis <The Murder Train>.
This is all excellent advice. Thank you for saving me. :)

Not saying I've eaten my Alliance brethren or anything, but gnome fingers are amazing when fried and sprinkled with salt. Just saying.
quick question, I mostly just need a yes or no answer, Can a Fully geared Bind on Account, and enchanted rogue at level 30-40 pull over 1.5k dps? iirc when I was 50 I still only barely broke 1.5k and even then that was on every CD I had
I don't have a yes or no answer, but I *can* provide a one-word answer: Ihavenofreakingclue. So far as I know there are no DPS simulators for lower levels, and the entire concept of "DPS" gets weird in the context of leveling, where few fights (whether they be with quest mobs, dungeon bosses or other players) last more than several seconds, only a portion of a rogue's spellbook is available and it's really hard to set benchmarks.

When I've leveled alts, I generally have kept Skada off -- the DPS part of it, at least (I usually keep the threat tracker on to be sure I'm not in danger of aggroing). So I certainly don't have any kind of helpful answer to give about "expected" DPS at a level that low. Or, heck, any level below 90, really. :(
I kept recount running soon as I got it just to see where I placed relatively compared to the others in my group, and in the 30-40 range I don't think I ever broke 800 dps, and that was as combat with the best possible gear for the levels in large AOE friendly fights, this whole situation arose because I was leveling my Tank, and as expected im doing roughly 40-50% of the total dmg for the entire group and upon saying this to a guild mate in passing, he claimed that his level 17 rogue could pull 900 dps, and that by 35 he was pulling on average 2k wherein I called BS and made my original post, ill check back in a few days if anyone could possibly lend any insight it would be much appreciated, if not this will be my last post in this thread, and thank you all :)
I tend to inherently distrust anyone who boasts about DPS performance in pretty much any scenario, since they tend to be blowhards. But even in the context of a person's honest recollection of their DPS, particularly when leveling it can be dependent on so very many factors (buffs, burst cooldowns, fight gimmicks, fight length, etc.) that I have a hard time seeing how it's even worth measuring in the first place.

You don't seem too stressed about this either way, so as long as you're only interested from a detached, academically curious standpoint, I wish you luck and good fortune as you seek to nail down some reliable numbers.
New to 90 here...

Anyone has a tip to me on how to survive better through hard-hitting mobs? On scenarios, for example, I usually get into trouble trying to fight on my own when there's no healer or tank in the group, that is, keeping recup, SnD and blowing all my stuns. I'm not dying 1v1, but I leave out pretty wasted and if an add joins, I have no choice, but to hit Evasion.

Perhaps I should try Assassination? Because the other 2 specs seems like even in terms of survivabiliy.
Welcome to the end-game, as they say!

When you're still a fresh 90 and wearing mostly (unenchanted, ungemmed) greens and blues, you definitely do need to be more careful about how you fight level-90 mobs -- especially the elites. This has to an extent always been true, but it's maybe especially so here in Mists, because the designers gave a lot of mobs the ability to do some serious damage to you if you're not on your game.

The first thing I ask, when a person tells me they're having issues beating mobs, is: What's your approach? Do you normally stand in front of them and stab them in the head until they die? Are you watching their cast bars and interrupting their spells? Are you getting out of the way when they cast high-damage abilities (many of which spew out in a cone directly in front of them)? Are you remembering to use Feint to reduce incoming spell damage?

Your defensive and offensive cooldowns -- Evasion, Dismantle, Killing Spree, Adrenaline Rush, Shadow Blades, etc. etc. -- shouldn't be thought of as abilities you use when you "have no choice," in my opinion. They're part of your toolkit. They're made to be used. Don't feel like you're only allowed to use them when you're in serious trouble.

For questing/scenarios at level 90, my personal choice for talents is Nightstalker (I like the stealth speed; Subterfuge is both buggy and unhelpful when soloing mobs that immediately turn to face you when you begin fighting them), Nerve Strike (though Combat Readiness can be good too), Leeching Poison, Burst of Speed (love the ability to go at mount speed while stealthed without mounting), Prey on the Weak and Shuriken Toss.

In the end, though, your current gear may well leave you "weak" against a lot of mobs in scenarios. This'll change rapidly as you get better goods. In the meantime, keep a close eye on what your mobs are doing to you, mitigate damage when you can, and try to stick with others so you're not the only one taking these mobs on.
I'm a mid range geared rogue and I seem to having issues with energy capping while my CDs or bloodlust is up. no matter how hard I spam I feel like I'm wasting a ton of energy, especially during AR. Is there a point where you would consider a cap of haste and starting upping your hit/mastery or crit?
Nope. Energy capping tends to occur only during Adrenaline Rush/Shadow Blades, as you said; I can see it also coming close at times during Bloodlust and the like, but that should be rare unless you've got lag or other issues. I'm actually a little surprised to hear it's happening to you extremely often, given that you don't have the Tier 15 four-piece bonus.

Regardless, haste has benefits beyond energy regeneration (autoattacks, poison procs, Main Gauche), and at the moment we spend only a small proportion of the time capping energy, so no "limit" has been identified after which it's a bad idea to stack it. (Tangentially: ShadowCraft continues to be your best resource for optimizing stats on gear.)

Remember that, assuming you're executing your rotation optimally , if you cap energy you're not really "wasting" anything. You're doing everything you should be doing; you could not possibly be putting out more DPS than you are. Reforging out of some of that haste would have only a tiny effect on your energy regen, and would cost you in other areas.
Hey! First of all: I'm sorry about my english; Don't speak very well, yet.

So, I love to use swords and fist weapon, and I really want to go as Combat on pvp at 90. BUT , i read some threads and saw people speaking like Combat it's just functional in burst.

I really don't like to depends on burst... So, from 0 to 10, how to you guys rate Rogue Combat?

which spec have less depends on burst?? I love to be "constant".

Thank you guys \o

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