The LFM Thread! (PvE edition)

Wyrmrest Accord
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This is for both factions.
Okay, thanks. Lemme break this in for the Horde side then...

[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Basmothel
[Class and Spec:] Warlock - Affliction/Demonology
[Raiding Experience:] Baradin Hold and all Cataclysm heroics. Plenty of old world experience.
[Schedule:] Most evenings. 6pm Mountain till early morning. Can play other times if needed.
[Any alts?:] Cuel, Vorore, Oriard - All Horde and Wyrmrest Accord
[Other:] I can use Ventrilo or Mumble. I can avoid standing in fire. I'm looking for a regular, mature group to start raiding with. New raid groups a plus as I like experiencing the learning of the content - I do not want to be carried through the raid content. That said, I don't want a raid group without determination or drive to succeed.
Updating this when I get back from smashing rocks. Need more bodies.
I think this needs a bump!
1. Class/spec: Shadow priest MS, can OS heal (Disc-smite) if needed but I can't guarantee great success
2. Raid Experience: Personally done Magmaw, ODS, Chim, and Mal; ran attempts on Atra (and of course done BH).
3. Usual Online Schedule: Tues, Wed, and Thurs nights, generally 4/5pm to 10pm-ish, server time. Often online Friday through Sunday at varying times.
4. Alts I might be on: Wâlter, Suttbex (both Horde)
5. Coming from a history of hardcore raiding, I hold myself to those standards with Cata even as a presently casual raider. That means I will almost always have flasks and food, have watched the fight videos (if new content), and I'll be updated to the optimal spec, 'rotation', and stat values. If I'm aware that you'd like to take me along ~24 hours in advance, you can expect that I will be 100% prepared and ready to rock by raid time. Other requests will certainly get you solid performance from me, but I tend to get involved with things once I get online for the evening (so I may not always be available if you happen to be a DPS short and you're raiding in 10 minutes).

As a side-note, I'm a lot more laid-back than I sound, but I like to make it clear that I'm no scrub. I prefer use of Vent/Mumble/whatever else. And I am on the market for a new raid guild, but recruiting is just as much a test of me as it is of the guild, so I'll probably only be looking at guilds who show promise and aren't %*!@*!*s. :]
I'm looking for a heroic group here, not so much for raids but I do not mind helping to offtank for raids. You may check my profile for my gear, I can confidently say I am quite decently geared for heroics and starter raid bosses like Tol Barad pitlord boss, Halfus, Magmaw, Omnitron. I farm my own consumables.

[Looking For Group]
[Name:] Ezidran (Horde)
[Class and Spec:] Death Knight, Blood tank spec
[Raiding Experience:] 9/12 Cataclysm raid content on my priest + Tol Barad boss.
[Schedule:] Week days 1pm server time to 4pm server time. Weekends are off limits.
[Any alts?:] I do have a ilevel 352 geared holy priest, Zaifar (who is actually my main, on Horde)
[Other:] I have vent, but I do not have a mic to talk.
Bump! Because of this thread, we were able to raid this week! Glaed is an epic tank and we stoled him. (gftoffmahbear, he's mine now) And as such, Pholles has found a new tanking buddy after they both survived the trials of being two new tanks in an established group of players.
Yessss. Awesome.
Bumpidy bump bump!

Love this thread. Because of it I was able to raid with an AWESOME group. Downed 5 bosses I hadn't seen outside of videos! You are truly a great man Toad.

Also: Shoutout to muh man Pholles for being an awesome tank buddy!

Edit: Also voted for sticky!
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Pangoria
[Class and Spec:] BM Hunter (but not huntard)
[Raiding Experience:] No Cata bosses except BH Attempted all first raid bosses with pugs.
[Schedule:] Weekday evenings from 6-10 server, Saturdays flexible, only later Sunday evenings
[Any alts?:] You can find me on Valdri and Willah alliance-side.
[Other:] I have vent, don't like drama and always show up on time ready to go.

Can happily say I have now defeated Halfus! Actually a fairly simple fight. We had a go at the Dragons, but ran out of time.
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Greasewald (Horde)
[Class and Spec:] Fury (Mainspec), Prot (Off-spec), both entry-mid level in gear
[Raiding Experience:] Haven't seen the demise of much more than Halfus, however, I have seen the Conclaive at about 20% each, and I research all the fights way ahead of time.
[Schedule:] Evenings are best for me - preferably past 6 server time, and almost every single night.
[Any alts?:] Ashmaw (85, DPS Frost DK), Galdrek (85 Enh/Resto Shaman)
[Other:] I have vent, though I am still experiencing mic problems at the moment.

I am more than willing to play whichever role better suits the makeup of the group, and I am able to quickly learn from mistakes. I am quite experienced as a tank, and my DPS capabilities are acceptable. (generally, I pull anywhere between 13.8-14.5k in raid situations).

The main thing I want is just to see the content as it comes along. My guild has not raided in some time, however, and I would very much like to raid again.

I make it my business to research all encounters thoroughly, and I am seldom caught by surprise when it comes to boss mechanics. When I make a mistake, I do not repeat said mistakes except in those rare moments when my brain no work right, dur hur hur.

I always have a 'can do' attitude, and I am always ready to rez, buff up, and try again with a vengeance.

Doesn't stand in fire.

Not a keyturner.

I kite with my face. Thankfully, I am not a class that is often called on to kite.

I have Jeeves. >.>

Sign me up as a tank and killing machine - I'm yer gob!
Updated. Tell your friends!

02/27/2011 8:36 PMPosted by Glaedyr
Love this thread. Because of it I was able to raid with an AWESOME group. Downed 5 bosses I hadn't seen outside of videos! You are truly a great man Toad.

D'aw. You're sweet. I hope you have fun with your raiding group!
1. Resto Shammy with a weak Ele OS. Not quite raid-ready in my Elemental spec, but not too bad.

2. Attempted the Council of Four Winds and Magmaw. Never downed 'em unfortunately. However, I did down Halfus, the breaker of Wyrms tonight!

3. 5 to 9pm Realm on weekdays, all day weekends.

4. Ailynne, Alliance - Alaathu, Alliance - Khalayan, Alliance

5. I even made a thread for myself! Woo. Need extra info, go there. Trolol.
Updated. I know there have to be more of you out there! We all need more success stories.

Also, woo-hoo, sticky.
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Cailian
[Class and Spec:] Fury (Warrior, Main Spec) Tank (off-spec)
[Raiding Experience:] No Cataclysm experience, have read the fights thoroughly just require hands on experience
[Schedule:] Any day of the week from 1 server to 9 server. (I gotz to work in the morning! XD )
[Any alts?:] I have a PvP Paladin Alt: Rapheal
[Other:] I would like to run with a serious group dedicated to progressing and doing well in Cataclysm raids. I can also currently pull 12-13k in Heroics.

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