The LFM Thread! (PvE edition)

Wyrmrest Accord
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I have two characters completely capable of being thrown into a raid setting and not failing.
2x LFG:


[Name:] Nasanya
[Class and Spec:] Mage, Frost (Also known as "I freeze !##@.")
[Raiding Experience:] Magmaw and, uh... not standing in the fire? Does that count?
[Schedule:] Available pretty much any time except (All times Eastern) 9p-10p Sundays, 10p-1a Tuesdays.
[Any alts?:] Sunclaw, Horde.
[Other:] I have a lot more experience than the "raiding experience" line makes me out to, and I've already read pretty much all the fights. Oh, and I'll work for cookies. Nom nom nom.

Also, for Horde:

[Name:] Sunclaw
[Class and Spec:] Paladin, Ret.
[Raiding Experience:] I've beaten Magmaw's face in.
[Schedule:] Available pretty much any time except (All times Eastern) 9p-10p Sundays, 10p-1a Tuesdays.
[Any alts?:] Nasanya, Alliance
[Other:] Also have a prot spec but you really, REALLY don't want to take me raiding as prot.
Unless you're a masochist that hates healers and downing bosses, at least.
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Elberich
[Class and Spec:] Deathknight, Blood. My other blood spec is for soloing only, I am willing to go frost but I have never actually done it, so all I have is elitistjerks rotations and hopefully enough raiding experience to do something useful... I have faith in myself to pick it up quickly.
[Raiding Experience:] I've killed everything this expation as a paladin healer and am pushing into Heroic modes. Diff. server. (Ask me through PST for the name, I don't really want to spam who my main is though.)
[Schedule:] At the moment, I CANNOT raid Tuesday,Friday from 4-8. Or Sat from 2-6.
[Any alts?:] No, send me in game mail if you need me, I check my mail box every day. You might catch me on Maziar.
[Other:] I have vent, I know all fights and am not afraid to share knowledge and yell at people standing in fire. (In reality, I don't yell but I do point out those people.) This dk was made soely for the purpose of soloing stuff and I have soloed current content up to heroics. Some examples are Ozruk - Stone Core (Heroic), Lord Walden - SFK Heroic, Lord Godfrey - SFK (Heroic), Rom'ogg Bonecrusher - BlackRock Caverns (Heroic), and my favorite, High Priest Venoxis - Zul'Gurub (Heroic)

There is much more (Pretty much everything in naxx!) pst me if you're interested in hearing what I've done!
Updating this tomorrow with a fancy schmancy new layout!
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Void
[Class and Spec:] Holy priest w/ shadow OS. (Strongly prefer raiding as Holy.)
[Raiding Experience:] 8/12. Done all but al'akir, Nef, Cho'gall, and Council.
[Schedule:] I can and will make time to fit your guilds raiding schedule. Prefer 3pm server time or later for a raid time, 7 days/week availability.
[Any alts?:] You may find me on my RP alts Gromar, Remmingtøn, or Anthøny.
[Other:] I'm looking for a group of people who would like to be pushing progression. Current progression is unimportant, as long as the guild is comitted to raiding and is shooting for at least Defender of a Shattered World before 4.2 hits. I am really looking for a core raiding spot, but I am willing to be a guild alt healer if need be.

ps, I have Vent and DBM.
Updated, though the new format is giving me a headache so I'll fiddle with it later.

For whatever reason I can't use the forums on my computer (I think I need to update Firefox) so updating this from my phone = lol.
I'm moving Ella, so no longer looking.
Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Molma
[Class and Spec:] Ret pally and Holy (offspec)
[Raiding Experience:] I have done naxx and ICC. And blacktemple back in the day.
[Schedule:] When ever I can make time.
[Any alts?:] Not that are 85 on this realm.
[Other:] I can go on vent(or anyother program) I am very interested in raiding and I know how to follow orders. I came to this realm because my friend likes to RP and Im not fully 100% into it all the time im more of a raider. Please contact me in game! thanks.

Kind Regards,
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Gared
[Class and Spec:] Assass/Sub
[Raiding Experience:] I've seen 11/12 content, just missing Nef.
[Schedule:] I'm available anytime on weekdays except from 4pm-7pm server time on monday/thurs(this is excluding my work schedule as that is sporatic). I am available anytime during the weekends as long as I don't work.
[Any alts?:] None.
[Other:] I have vent, and I would enjoy a raiding group that won't mind some humor.
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Ceciellia
[Class and Spec:] Disc priest with a shadow offspec. Thinking of changing shadow to holy, though.
[Raiding Experience:] Not a ton of raiding experience in this expansion, I'm a fast learner, though. I raided everything up until Cata, I took some time off to focus on RL.
[Schedule:] Weekday evenings, any time between 5:00-9:00 server. I'm on Eastern Time Zone, so I really don't want to stay up later then midnight (which is 9:00 server). Not available on weekends due to RL stuff.
[Any alts?:] You can also find me on Antemortem Alliance side. She is my 85 DK which I would also raid with.
[Other:] I have vent and all the necessary raiding add-ons. Like I said above, I have raided pretty much everything from vanilla-Wrath. I am mostly looking for a casual group to run with once in a while, nothing too extreme or demanding. I'm going to be quitting the game come November because I am due to have a baby then, so just giving you that heads up.
Updated. My oh my, we have a lot of people who want to raid!

Keep spreading the word in-game about this list, and remember it if you find yourself in a situation where you need more bodies but seem to be fresh out.
[Looking for a Group]
[Name] Talfrund
[Class & Spec] Restoration Druid with Balance off-spec (no Balance-specific gear, though).
[Raiding Experience] Not much. Baradin Hold is it for Cata.
[Schedule] Weekday evenings from about 5 server to 7 or 8 server. Weekends are sporadic, but if I know in advance I can make sure I've got several hours set aside.
[Alts] Have a Hunter at 85 who has just barely started heroics, and a Protection Paladin who is leveling through Vashj'ir. Just /who Expedition Azeroth and ask for me.
[Other] I'm up for heroics, including the troll heroics, old content raids and achievement runs. I have vent and just dusted off my headset/mic. I've got all the raid add-ons and several healing add-ons. I bring my own consumables, a willingness to listen and learn (I also read strats and watch fight videos), and a good attitude.
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Alystaire
[Class and Spec:] Holy Priest
[Raiding Experience:] Nothing much current aside from BH, and a little BWD. Haven't raided seriously since vanilla.
[Schedule:] Weekday Evenings from 0000 Server time to 0800 Server time, pretty much whenever weekends. I can work odd hours though, so that varies randomly. And on an Aussie timezone, so would be great to find other Oceanics!
[Any alts?:] Aodhin, 85 Enhance Shaman, ilvl345.
[Other:] Up for all; I've managed to get to ilvl351 by pugging it out, but I'd love to see my Defender title before 4.2. Mainly looking to play heals, but I can switch to Aodhin for DPS. Look forward to raiding end content again, if not as seriously as back in the day xD. Have vent, use healbot mainly. Happy to explore any other raiding addons suggested.
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Cylindryl
[Class and Spec:] Survival Hunter
[Raiding Experience:] None since Wrath... but back then, up to Gunship in ICC (I took a pretty extended vacation away from WoW.. just recently back!)
[Schedule:] Anything before 6pm server time
[Any alts?:] Lydimina (horde)
[Other:] I have vent and mumble... and... am a fast learner :)
-- Edit, no longer looking for guild or available! --
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Moonbladê (the ê=Alt+0234)
[Class and Spec:] Assassination Rogue
[Raiding Experience:] BoT complete, BwD complete, Tot4W complete, no H modes.
[Schedule:] M-Th 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM, F-Sat 4:00 PM - 12:00 Midnight, Sun 4:00 PM - 10: 00 PM all times ST.
[Any alts?:] No
[Other:] Please contact me in game by 4:00 PM server to check availability.
[Looking for Group!]

1. Assasination Rogue
2. Zero current Cata experience. I've been trying to raid for a while now but have found zero groups to do it with.
3. I can conform my schedule to whenever's needed for raiding, really, but I'm usually on each day from three to four in the afternoon until around nine or ten.
4. If I'm not on Isk, you can find me on [Alliance] Scripture, or [Horde] Penitente
5. I can use Vent and I'm looking for either a group or a guild to join and raid with. Either works. I'd just really love to get back into raiding.
Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Tygranath
[Class and Spec:] MS: Balance; OS: Feral (tank)
[Raiding Experience:] All of the previous content plus some hard modes.
[Schedule:] Depends. I can usually make most evenings.
[Any alts?:] Cristoph, Zajiwa (horde side).
[Other:] I'm looking to raid without leaving my guild. Some people say I am competent, charming, and funny.

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