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[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Soldaera
[Class and Spec:] Holy priest
[Raiding Experience:] All of vanilla; done BT and Kara several times; none for Cata
[Schedule:] Anytime I'm on, which is (for now) daily
[Any alts?:] None big enough to raid
[Other:] I'm a newly-dinged 85 (yesterday!), and I'm hoping to focus on raiding a LOT.

I've been playing WoW since vanilla (a friend was in beta and got me hooked!), but I have had to take several long breaks due to real life obligations. Therefore, I was unable to do any Wrath raids, and very few BC ones (see my Achievements).

My goal is to do every raid available with a fun, and competent group! Although I'm not familiar with Cata raids, I learn quickly and with a bit of instruction, I'm confident I can handle anything you throw my way. I am also a full-time RPer (though not usually in dungeons), and interested in doing some RP-style raids, too.

TL;DR: I like raiding. I like RPing. I'm pretty awesome. Invites always welcome.
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Esmia
[Class and Spec:] Demonology Warlock
[Raiding Experience:] Hardcore raider during WotLK. Only a few bosses in Cata (BoT, BH)
[Schedule:] Weekdays during the day until around 7pm, and then from 10pm onward.
[Any alts?:] Nothing significant or raid worthy.
[Other:] I have Vent and Mumble, and can provide my own food and flasks.

You know you want my 10% Spellpower buff.
[Looking for Group]

[Name:] Metari
[Class and Spec:] Prot Paladin (main) Ret Paladin (off- and I am bad at it)
[Raiding Experience:] I used to be raid leader back in the Ulduar days, but haven't raided since
[Schedule:] I prefer to not raid on weeknights, but my biggest request/requirement is only2-3 nights a week after 8 central
[Any alts?:] I am going to be main focused for the foreseeable future
[Other:] Ask and i shall deliver.
Updated. <3
[Looking for a Group]
[Name:] Xholjin
[Class and Spec:] Hunter Marksmanship (MS)
[Raiding Experience:] All T11 content cleared, FL shannox, Lord Rhyolith downed, experience on baleroc.
[Schedule:] Weekends starting at 2pm server time till high night.
[Any alts?:] A warrior tank he's not ready yet. can tank troll heroics but not excell on it.
[Other:] I have vent, I'm patient, I can move out of fire. and i can put very good dps, currently on ilvl371 im looking for a stable group for FL on weekends.
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Enocho
[Class and Spec:] Warrior-Prot
[Raiding Experience:] Currently (as of sept 3) I have successfully tanked both bosses in BH
[Schedule:] Due to a fluctuating schedule, I can only commit to morning or mid-day raid times before 2pm server time
[Any alts?:] Enocho is my main, but I also play on Isuran and Phillatanus, both horde characters.
[Other:] I learn quick, and I have been raiding since vanilla although as a healer.
Updated. Pardon the time it took me, i've been without internet.
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Kaleyen
[Class and Spec:] Frosty Deathknight
[Raiding Experience:] 3D, Malygos and most of Ulduar prior to 3.1 (when the content was nerfed) then in Cata have a full clear of 10-Man Normal of BWD and BoT
[Schedule:] M-F anytime at/after 5pm ST, weekends are open as I have them off
[Any alts?:] Kaiden - able to raid with him as well he's Prot/Ret but not as geared on Kale.
[Other:] Have vent, will travel. If the raid times are within my schedule could easily make 90%+ and be a consistent raider.
** Also would like to note Naisaka is no longer available as heals. **

[Looking for More!]
[Guild Name and Faction:] <We Take Candle> [Alliance]
[We Need:] A healer (Priest or Druid preferred) and more DPS (prefer ranged!).
[We Raid:] Fridays and Mondays, 5 PM - 8 PM PST.
[Progression?:] BWD, BoT and 1/7 in Firelands currently. Just starting up. :)
[Our Forum Thread:]
[Other:] We are a social and casual PvE guild with members who like to raid! We're new and growing and would love more to join us! Having vent is essential to enjoying the guild.
1. SINFUL, Horde side guild

2. The usual we needs are ranged dps, and shaman healers.

3. We raid tue/wed/thur from 6 to 9 p.m. server

4. 7/7 firelands, we do 25 mans, so try to look up the fights. Once we have everyone in a full guild run, and with decent gear, we will push 25 man hard modes.

5. I won't waste your time with a recruitement thread, just pst me in game if you want to raid with a guild, but don't want to leave yours. If your a good raider, you might become a go to pug, maybe even with a permanent spot.

6. SINFUL was a 10 man guild, but one day our GM went insane and was like 'hey, lets just do 25 mans'. Well, the funny part is we would have to pug, but for some reason we are still doing extremely well. Pugs are getting gear, guildies are getting more gear, theres more loot from each boss, boe's drop almost every other trash pull, and the best part is your getting into 25 mans, the way the game should be played. You are part of a close group, and there is always some joke, no ackward silence, at all times.
We will be doing hardmodes in 2 weeks, and at that point, our pugging will be VERY selective, but as of right now, we just need warm bodies. If you want to explore more of firelands, this is your chance. Just contact me in game, or my alt Draysen, and I will be sure to do my best to get you into a raid.
[Looking for More!]
[Guild Name and Faction:] <Lost Champions> (Horde side)
[We Need:] Tentatively no one for raiding, however I'll leave this here.
[We Raid:] Tuesdays & Thursdays 6-9 PM Server Sundays at 6-9 PM Server
[Progression?:] 10 man T12 - 7/7
[Our Forum Thread:]
[Other:] Vent required for raiders, please whisper myself, Yggdrasill or Nairobi for info.
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Mewmix
[Class and Spec:] Resto druid (mainspec) / Feral (tank or DPS) offspec
[Raiding Experience:] T11 clear/ 5/7 T12 on main, working on T11 on druid
[Schedule:] Any evening, currently college student
[Any alts?:] Vonhellsingg and Mewmix are my only two minus bank alt
[Other:] Have vent, can install TS/Mumble if needed, feel free to send me a mail or calendar invite if interested.
[Looking for a Group or Looking for More]
[Name:] Eirick
[Class and Spec:] Protection Warrior
[Raiding Experience:] WOTLK 25 Man Regulars
[Schedule:] Weekends
[Any alts?:] No
[Other:] Looking for a group or willing to start one for 10 man regular Cata Raids. Would like to progress through all of the Cata content. Looking for patient and mature individuals interested in raiding for fun and to see content. More interested in that than gearing. If you need a Tank or are interested in starting a new 10 man group for regular weekly raids please message me in game or send me an in game mail.
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Hippolyta
[Class and Spec:] Assassination Rogue
[Raiding Experience:] Not too much in Cataclysm. I've done Baradin Hold, Throne of the Four Winds, Bastion of Twilight and Dragon Soul in its Raid Finder version.
[Schedule:] Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays from 6PM server on.
[Any alts?:] Rómenna, Serindë
[Other:] 380ilvl for now, decent DPS, punctual. I'm not lazy about learning fights beforehand. I have vent and mumble. I'd love to raid Dragon Soul and get my hands on those legendary daggers, but I really miss current content raiding and since my guild is strictly RP...
I'm in Aus timezone but on break from uni so you'll find me on at some odd hours :p

[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Samoris
[Class and Spec:] Holy Priest with Shadow Offspec
[Raiding Experience:] Raid-finder Dragonsoul, previously vanilla raids and BC heroics/10-mans.
[Schedule:] See above, I'm on uni break so i'll be on a lot.
[Any alts?:] Noriyn, A-side
[Other:] Have vent/TS, prefer a relaxed raiding environment (but not a sloppy one of course)

Would really love to see more raid content, both old and new.
Hello everyone
(thank you for making this thread)

[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Jenell
[Class and Spec:] Arms Warrior (390)
[Raiding Experience:] Dragon Soul Looking For Raid Version (if that counts for anything at all)
[Schedule:] Whenever - at the moment i have a flexible schedule
[Any alts?:] Jalle - Unholy Death Knight (390)
Cartina - Arcane Mage (390)
Marsalia - Shadow Priest (390)
Evene - Enhancement Shaman (390)
Moragna - Affliction Warlock (383)
[Other:] I don't have vent etc but have always adapted well being 'deaf' in older raids...would prefer RP raids with zero drama unless it is of course in character drama. Happy to use any character and have no problems even with dying a thousand deaths since it's all fun - always willing to help and learn
Howdy all

[Looking for Group]

[Name] Cliffdancer
[Class and Spec] Balance (i382) with a Resto off spec
[Raiding Experience] All of Vanilla; up to first two bosses in Sunwell for BC, up to ICC in WotLK, and only LFR Dragonsoul after a long break.
[Schedule] Currently available anytime, except for Wednesday evening, and some Saturdays.
[Any Alts?] None for raiding at this time. H - Okalo A - Rhianyn
[Other] I enjoy raiding to see new things and have fun. I listen well, usually avoid the bad stuff, show up on time ready to go, but I am not and don't want to be 1337. I have Vent.

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