The LFM Thread! (PvE edition)

Wyrmrest Accord
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Hello everyone
(thank you for making this thread)

[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Deylivia
[Class and Spec:] Survival Hunter (389)
[Raiding Experience:]Firelands 25 6/7; Dragon Soul LFR (if that counts for anything at all) - Used to pug Lich King 25's a lot but I don't see a lot of PUG on WrA
[Schedule:] Whenever - at the moment i have a flexible schedule - Usually not available Tuesdays
[Any alts?:] Skaði - Fire Mage (377)
Ursiya - Holy Priest (still leveling)
[Other:] Might be able to bring a friend that has a dk tank or an enhancement shaman and excels at both - Kiting is my weak point but I'm also in a guild that doesn't do content so I don't have much practice, thus looking here.
[Name]: Centari
[Class n Spec':] Holy Paladin
[Raiding Experience]: (Besides Past which you can look up :P) Just 8/8 DS10 :( I WANT MAOR!!!!!!!
[Alts]: Both Alli Side: Saggitarious the Boomchicken/Fat Bear and Cephues the Blood/Frost DK
[Schedule]: I am currently still spontanious as to when I can and can't raid... but usually I can just tell you no or yes off the bat when you ask me for certain times :)
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Lëora
[Class and Spec:] Warrior, MS - Prot, OS - Fury
[Raiding Experience:] I've done a few Raids but I am willing to learn/get yelled at if I make a mistake.
[Schedule:] Saturday I'm completely free, Sunday 5PM-11PM I'm at work. And the Weekdays are 11AM - 5:20PM. (Central Standard Time)
[Any alts?:] A few but their low level.
[Other:] I've got vent, quiet, I don't mind wipes that much (Normally take it in good humor.)
[LFRaiding GUild]
[Name:] Zulmuran
[Class and Spec:] SV Hunter Main, MM Hunter OS
[Raiding Experience:] Raided all throughout Lich and Am currently 7/8 DS on my Death Knight (Link to him at the bottom)
[Schedule:] Tuesday - Saturday's Mostly, maybe an occasional Sunday
[Any Alts?:] On this server, No. But I main is on another realm and If I find a good guild I'll probably Transfer him over.
[Other:] Easy going, somewhat Knowledgeable person, I have no life so I'm usually on most of the day. I'm a terrible Raid Leader, but I'm a above average Raider, willing to Push Progress and Heroics if people have the aptitude to do so.

Link to This hunter (Only missing 2 pieces of gear) :

Link to my Main (Frost DK) :

P.S. Willing to help start a Raid Core in any guild GOOD enough and willing to go the extra mile.
[LF Raiding Guild]
[Name:] Aganaer
[Class and Spec:] Paladin, MS Protection, OS Retribution
[Raiding Experience:] 12/12 n. T11, 4/7 h. FL, 8/8 n. DS
[Schedule:] Fine pretty much any day except Thursdays and Saturdays.
[Any Alts?:] One Balance/Feral druid with experience in Restoration so I can swap specs if I have to.
[Other:] I know all the fights well. I know what has to be called out, and stuff. I can raid lead if I have to, but I am also comfortable just being a member of a team. I have a 389 ilvl protection set, and the 4p tank bonus. I'm looking preferably for a guild pushing heroic content, though that is not required.
1. Nikiya - Prot Paladin 383 ilevel (I have a ret spec, but have yet to use it despite having collected enough gear to raid with it)
2. I have tanked both sections of LFR countless times and I tanked back in the day of blackwing descent and bastion of twilight, but was out of the raid game at the time of Firelands and still have yet to set foot in there.
3. I'm online evenings Friday through Sunday since I work until 7pm server and I can be online most times Monday through Thursday.
5. I also have a raid geared holy priest named Rosilynn (381 ilevel) that I would be happy to go on, or a hunter (Cherrise 375 ilevel). I'm just looking to get back into raiding regular raids outside of the stupidity of LFR and enjoy content.
Gingersnap's Zalpha raid group is in need of a few slots filled for our Dragon Soul 10 group. Our core group has been raiding together since Tier 11, we're casual raiders but still get the job done. We are 8/8 Normal modes, and have almost got Heroic Morchok down.

Raid times: 5pm - 7pm server time, Saturday and Sunday. (We often finish early on Sunday.) Please be able to listen to Vent, mic is not required. You do not have to join our guild in order to raid with us :)

We are in particular need of:

* An off-tank who is willing to switch to DPS for some fights.

* A third healer who likes to DPS for some fights. A paladin or shaman would be preferred, but we like any healy people!

* Assorted DPS who like punching dragons in the face.

Please contact Jaellynn or myself (Ornasse) in-game if interested!
[Looking for a Group!]

[Name:] Laelette

[Class and Spec:] Shadow Priest

[Raiding Experience:] My Cata raid experience is somewhat limited, as the guild I used to raid with transferred and merged with Adept on Frostmourne, thus most of it is pugged. The furthest I've been able to get in a DS10 is 8/8. I was however a hardcore raider during WOTLK and have 10 and 25 man Tribute to Insanity TOTC, Glory of the Icecrown Raider 10 and 25 man, among others.

[Schedule:] Oceanic raiding time, Thursdays and weekends at about 3am server time. >.<

[Any alts?:] Lae's been my only 85 for an awfully long time. :P

[Other:] I pulled 78k DPS on LFR Madness the other day! >.>
1. <The Red Menace> Horde side

2. Roles needed: Healers (druid preferred, but will take priest or paladin) Tank (Again Druid preferred, but will take others)

3. Raid schedule: We usually raid Saturday evenings at around 6pm server time or Sunday afternoons at noon server time.

4. Progression: We are just beginning Cata raids, so you'll be coming in at the beginning. No experience? No problem! We only ask people show up when they say they will, be on time, be prepared, and be polite.

5. More info: Our guild website will tell you more about us, specifically the charter located here:
We are very relaxed, and casual, but we also know how to work together, avoid mechanics and generally get the job done we just don't have the numbers of raid capable/interested people to do current content at this time.
[Looking for a Group!]

[Name:] Miyô

[Class and Spec:] Unholy Death Knight (Frost OS)

[Raiding Experience:] Raided ICC normals on a warrior during Wrath, more recently I've done LFR and I am currently 4/8 normal DS in my current guild's alt run.

[Schedule:] I'm available Mon-Sat, 5 PM - 2 AM.

[Any alts?:] Restoration Shaman, Arms Warrior

[Other:] I have ventrilo, mumble and TS, generally pretty quiet. I feel I'm a competent player who will do well when given the chance. Currently a member of <To the Pain>, though they're a great bunch of people I'd like to get a little more serious about raiding!
Looking for a Full Time Spot as a Raider.

I am a Feral kitty Druid, ilvl currently sitting at 396. I only raid as Feral DPS, my offspec is Feral Pvp
I am 8/8Normal and 1/8 Heroic for Dragonsoul
I have a very flexible schedule, but I prefer raiding in the evenings (6pmserver or later)
I'm on throughout the day, roleplaying and working on alts. So feel free to whisper me or send me an in game message, I will always get back to you.

I am looking for a ten man raiding group with people serious about progression. I do not want to be somewhere where Raiding feels like a job but I want to succeed and have fun while I'm doing it. I enjoy raiding not only for loot but to make friends and have fun. I am flexible, willing to learn and friendly! I use both Vent or Mumble, whichever the group prefers. I strive for perfect attendance, if I can not make it I always do my best to inform whomever is in charge of what is happening.

Please whisper me or send a in game message to Vail if you are interested or have a spot open for me!
Hey there,

I'm a fairly gear warrior I mainly play Arms but i can go Fury for heroic spine if asked. I'm looking for a raiding guild over here I've made a few alts over here and have grown to like the realm. I can transfer either to horde or stay alliance. Current experience is 8/8n in both 10man and 25man, 6/8h 25man, 3/8h 10man. I'll be heading off to college here soon so i thought I would start planning ahead on getting a less serious/time consuming schedule.

Main: Blackbloods ~ Elune Arms Warrior 404ilvl, Fury 403 ilvl 6/8h 25man
Alts: Cätastrophic ~ Grizzly Hills Ret Pally 393 ilvl 8/8n 10man
Alts: Bloodykings ~ Grizzly Hills Combat Rogue 395 ilvl 8/8n 10man
Alts: Bloodyweps ~ Grizzly Hills Enhancement Shammy 373 ilvl 4/8n 10man
Alts: Unstealthful ~ Wyrmrest Accord Combat Rogue 370 ilvl no experience
Alts: Dawnreaver ~ Wyrmrest Accord Protection Warrior - lvl 60
Alts: Deciever ~ Wyrmrest Accord Combat Rogue - lvl 27

Contact me on one of my Wyrmrest Accord character via mail or whisper and we can chat/discuss what my situation is like and go over raid days, what character you're interested in, ect.
LFM: Zombie Reign is currently looking for active players for raiding, although membership is not a requirement it would be considered an bonus.

Guild: Zombie Reign (Horde)

Need: Reliable raiders, all classes and specs.

Times: Firelands (embers reserved) Thursdays 5:00 server, DS usually Friday nights.

Progression: Due to small numbers, we have had to form partnerships with other guilds, taking us to Ultraxion in DS, and up Rags in FL.

Other: While we would like to increase our numbers, we want to raid so guild membership is not necessary, but preferred, played alts are welcome.
[Looking for More!]
<Hunters of Lost Azeroth> (Horde side)
[We Need:] At least one mdps. One rdps - pref a lock of Boomkin. 1 Offtank (no warrior) with a dps offspec.
[We Raid:] Sat/Sun Beginning at 4:30 Server time
[Progression?:] This is our Group 2 - current Progression is 7/8N though we have a couple alts from the main group running it (main group is working on heroic content)
[Our Forum Thread:]
[Our website]
[Other:] Please have vent!

We'd like you to join the guild as ultimately we would like more active members doing this stuff together but if you are a PuG and show up when you say you're going to show up then you will definitely be asked back.
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Kitsuneko
[Class and Spec:] Feral Druid DPS. Restoration offspec.
[Raiding Experience:]
  • Normal Mode: Cleared Blackwing Descent, Throne of Four Winds, Bastion of Twilight, Baradin Hold, Firelands and Dragon Soul.
  • Heroic Mode: Defeated Halfus Wyrmbreaker (10), Shannox (10) and Alystrazor (10).
  • [Schedule:] Available 7 days a week on evenings as of currently.
    [Any alts?:] You can find me on Taldrius, Alliance-side.
    [Other:] Been a relatively hardcore raider for some time, but took an extended break after the DS patch hit because I lost all interest in raiding. I would love to hopefully get into an achievement run for Firelands and/or to be able to finish the heroic modes there. I use ventrilo and can learn a fight quickly enough, should I not be overly familiar with it. Still getting familiarized with Dragon Soul, as I've only completed the entire instance once.
    Hello everyone!

    [Looking for a casual raid group while my guild is on hiatus.]

    [Name:] Royale

    [Class and Spec:] Shadow priest DPS main spec, also quite proficient at both Disc and Holy.

    [Raiding Experience:] I got into raiding at the end of Wrath, but really found my stride during t11. Was on a 6-day a week schedule with Derbfine when they were the most progressed 25-man guild on server, and I was the top shadow priest on WRA for most of that tier. Cooled down somewhat during FL and DS, but I am capable of performing at top levels with all three specs of priest. I haven't cleared much in heroic DS but I am extensively familiar with each fight having studied them closely. For normal mode I have roughly 25 clears on t11, another 28 on FL, and about 20 on DS. (That's almost a year and a half straight!). Thanks to my guild and the wonderful community of friends here I have my Dragonwrath completed.

    [Availability:] I am available Mon-Thurs, for virtually any time slot. I cannot do Fri-Sun at all.

    [Other Characters:] I also have a holy paladin on horde (Gurne) and a warlock on alliance (Salter)

    [Comment:] I am also skilled at Shadow PVP. Also, if you are looking for a specific class and build that are like white whales on this server (such as a decent warlock or boomkin or ele shaman) I am a fast leveller and know how to get geared for DS very quickly. I can also raid lead DS, FL, BoT, BWD, and Tot4W, so if you are looking for a leader who knows how to recruit a raid team I can be that guy as well.

    (A shout out to all my friends here on WRA, this is the only server I have seen where people are actually nice to each other, always good to see the community continuing to be strong and solid!)
    [Looking for a Group!]
    [Name:] Phillatanus
    [Class and Spec:] Holy Paladin
    [Raiding Experience:] None to speak of for Cataclysm but I have healed most of the raids in the previous expansions. 10 years healing experience on various toons.
    [Schedule:] Unavailable wed-sat evenings from 10pm(central)- 7am(central). Otherwise, my schedule is open. Best days would be sun-tuesday, my days off.
    [Any alts?:] Isuran(Disc Priest), Enocho(Prot Warrior)
    [Other:] Not really picky about who I run with, the guild I am in knows what my drive is, unfortunately I am unable to raid with them due to my schedule. Looking for a lighthearted but focused raid group/guild to run with. Prefer mature guilds to avoid drama. And I am currently, as of 6/15/2012, capable of healing End Time and Well of Eternity, anything above I haven't attempted.
    [Looking for a group!]

    Name: Flarelite

    Class and specs: Rogue Mainspec: Assassin (Can swap to combat if needed) and off spec is a pvp subtlety spec. Again, I'm more than willing to drop either spec for combat or pve sub.

    Raiding experience: Bastion of Twilight (full clear normal and some heroic), Blackwing Decent (Full clear normal, some heroic), Firelands (Full clear normal, some heroic), Dragon soul (Full clear normal, some heroic [Currently - 4/8]). For more information on achives and the like, please see my main raiding toon's profile: Astriid (Dwarf holy paladin, Thunderhorn server, US).
    3. I am on a great deal so it's easier to explain what days are NOT good for me.
    Mon: 9pm EST to 11pm EST. (6pm Server to 8pm Server)
    Tue: 8pm EST to 11pm EST. (5pm Server to 8pm Server)
    Thur: 8pm EST to 11pm EST. (5pm Server to 8pm Server)
    4. Felorix (Warlock, Horde), Vinzaji (Druid, Horde) or Astriid (Paladin, Alliance - Thunderhorn Server).
    Other: Yes I can use vent, I can speak in vent if needed as well. I have recount and DBM, both fully updated.
    NOTICE! I am currently 106/333 for the first set of daggers! I am willing to skip out on gear in trade for completing the daggers!
    [Looking for a Group!] And Raiding Guild
    [Name:] Edro
    [Class and Spec:] Fire Mage (373) [off-spec Frost]
    [Raiding Experience:] None.
    [Schedule:] Whenever - at the moment i have a flexible schedule
    [Any alts?:] None
    [Other:] Willing to learn (quick learner). Looking for advancement in gear as well as finding players who are active to play with. If any Raiding guilds would be willing to recruit, i'd honored. I'm in Alliance.

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