The LFM Thread! (PvE edition)

Wyrmrest Accord
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[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Reversedx
[Class and Spec:] Combat Rogue with Sub off-spec
[Raiding Experience:] 8/8 DS (10m), 10m BH
[Schedule:] Weekday Evenings from 4 PM Server time to 11 PM Server time. Often working weekends.
[Any alts?:] A few on Andorhal
[Other:] I have and use vent very often. I'm looking for friendly people who are laid back and like to raid.
[Looking for More!]
[Guild Name and Faction:] <House Darkbloom> (Horde side)
[We Need:] A tank, 2 healers, and as many DPS as we can get!
[We Raid:] Tuesday from 6 PM - 9 PM, Thursday from 6 PM - 9 PM.
[Progression?:] Brand new group starting. No progress :| But the raid leader has much experience.
[Other:] Be prepared to not be amazing in the first tries. I will give you cookies!
1) Jehoiakm i385 Holy Priest and Disc Priest <Horde>
2) BH,BWD,6/7 FL, 2/8 DS
3) 7 pm-1 am server on weekdays various times on weekend
4) Jehoiakm and Decantuar <Horde>
5) Can use vent, mumble or whatever client
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Ashenrune
[Class and Spec:] Unholy Death knight with a blood offspec
[Raiding Experience:] 10 man DS, Firelands, BOT, BWD, TOFW.
[Schedule:] Weekdays Evenings from 12 PM Server time to 11 PM Server time. I may be around more often than that but there is no guarantee
[Any alts?:] I have a worgen warrior(briese) and lock (marbrod)
[Other:] I'm always looking for a good raiding opertuneity and I am very patient.
[Looking for More!]
[Guild Name and Faction:] <Heart of War> (Horde side)
[We Need:] 1 Resto Druid with Boomkin DPS off spec, 1 Lock and 1 Hunter, 1 Warrior DPS, 1 Rogue or Monk DPS AND 1 Resto Shammy.
[We Raid:] Saturday & Sunday from 3 PM - 9 PM (server time) and may add Tuesday TBD.
[Progression?:] Looking to reform a core team to raid in MOP.
[Our website]
[Other:] Please have vent and DBM :) Thank you kindly. Feel free to contact me in game for more info.
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Akyun
[Class and Spec:] Brewmaster (Tank)
[Raiding Experience:] Raided for six years on my Prot Warrior, have not done any MoP raids yet besides LFR.
[Schedule:] Available every day.
[Any alts?:] None
[Other:] I have vent, and will always listen to instructions.
[Looking for More]
[Guild Name and Faction] <The Free Company> (Alliance)
[We Need] 1 Ranged DPS, Boomchicken, Hunter, or Mage preferred.
[We Raid] Sunday from 2-5 server time. Additional time TBD.
[Progression] I raid led through Firelands successfully as well as in SWTOR. Our core group came back for MoP, most of us have extensive raid experience since Vanilla.
[Other] No guild joining required or pushed. Bring your A-game, we bring you. Mature players with a good sense of humor and sense of fair play will get on very well with us. Most of us are RL friends just looking for a challenge and a good time. Raiding should be fun, not a chore. We use vent and do require you to be able to listen in on runs. Looking for someone long term.
[Looking for a casual Group / Guild] item lvl 480
[Name:] Cadia
[Class and Spec:] Holy Priest willing to go Disc if needed (Shadow offspec)
[Raiding Experience:] MV 4/6 Heroic DS 8/8
[Schedule:] Weekdays typically evenings 6pm (ish) to 9pm server time. sat & sun 6pm to 11ish. I would would rather raid on Fri, Sat, Sun. I can raid during the week, but would rather not.
[Any alts?:] none that I will be playing / gearing
[Other:] I have vent, Mumble, skype. Would like to raid no more than 3 nights a week. I have all my gems, enchants, flasks, pots and 300 food.
I'm looking for a group of fun/silly people, 18+
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Renakki
[Class and Spec:] Restoration Druid with Balance offspec
[Raiding Experience:] I've done 4/6 on normal in MSV, full clear in LFR.
[Schedule:] Fairly open schedule, can negotiate if needed be.
[Any alts?:] Can contact me on Mudd or Renakki.
[Other:] I have Mumble, Vent, and Skype.
[Looking for More!]
[Guild Name and Faction:] <Last Known Refuge> (Horde side)
[We Need:] A healing Priest or Paladin, 1 DPS non-monk or druid.
[We Raid:] Tuesday from 7 PM - 9 PM, Thursday from 7 PM - 9 PM.
[Progression:] None as of yet for MOP.
[Our Forum Thread:]
[Other:] Please have vent and a good attitude.
[Contact:] Vithnor, Deylla, Raor, Locktrap
[Looking for More!]
[Guild Name and Faction:] <Mythos> (Horde side)
[We Need:] A Feral Druid or a Warlock
[We Raid:] Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 6:00pm-9:00pm server
[Progression?:] We've done 2/6 Mogu'Shan Vaults
[Our Forum Thread:]
[Other:] Please have vent, DBM, and a good attitude! Contact Tianhou or Mentoc if interested.
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Hanglan
[Class and Spec:] Mistweaver
[Raiding Experience:] Been raiding off and on since Vanilla
[Schedule:] I work until about 7 Server, Mon-Fri so anything after that is ideal. I really don't like to raid on Weekends (I have to pretend to have a social life!)
[Any alts?:] Way too many, but you're best off just dropping me a line on Hanglan.
[Other:] I have all the typical things, Vent/Mumble, Bring my own Food/Flasks etc.
[Looking for a Group!]
[Name:] Flamepaws
[Class and Spec:] Windwalker(Main till i get gear), Brewmaster
[Raiding Experience:] Been raiding off and on since Vanilla
[Schedule:] I work till 8pm est most of the time, but i'm usually on round 9pm and tuesday and thursdays are my days off.
[Any alts?:] Blackpaws but i'll mostly be on my monk
[Other:] I have vent and teamspeak, i'm going to be working on my cooking and gear this weekend.
[Looking for More!]
[Guild Name and Faction:] <Taken by Tides (Alliance)
[We Need:] Currently trying to set sturdy 10 man for MOP. Currently need 1 healer. Preferably shammy or a priest. May also take mistweaver.
[We Raid:] Believe we are shooting for about 7 or 8 pm start time. Fri and Sat server time (PST)
[Progression?:] Currently none right now for Wyrmrest Accord.
[Our Forum Thread:] Don't have a thread. Do have our website
[Other:] We do have mumble for raiding. Please have it ;)

Either contact myself, Tallgeese, Flurs or Yamå in game or website if you are interested. Also guild is open to anyone currently. Right now looking for a good dedicated healer for raiding. Thanks! :)

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