Prot paladin pvp questions

I've just started gathering some pvp gear for prot pvp, and I have a few questions.

1. What are the best gems to go with, and the best meta gem? Should I just go for straight 40 strength despite the slot color? As for my meta I decided to go witht he 54 strength, 3% increased crit damage, but I'm wondering if that's the best since my crit chance is really low.

2. How important is expertise and hit? I'm currently wearing my pve tanking gear so I'm low on both stats, but do I need to reach a certain cap for each stat for pvp? Hit should be easy to get I imagine, but is expertise drastically important? Should I use the seal of vengence glyph for the expertise? I'm currently using word of glory, shield of the righteous, and crusader strike as my glyphs. I guess if I had to replace one for seal of vengence it'd be the crusader strike glyph, but the extra 5% crit chance seems like a nice thing to have.

3. How importance is mastery in pvp? I know it provides shield block for prot, so should I be keep mastery on my gear, reforging to soemthing else like crit, or even reforging dps stats to mastery?
This is a a thread about ret pve but a lot of the advice Mudkip gives is good and transposes here as well. I'm still looking at glyphs and such myself.

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