Funny warrior joke

I was talking to a friend who is a fury warrior and during the conversation he made a pretty funny joke.

Q: When is a Warriors DPS at its highest?

A: During the last 6 seconds of his life.

I think its kinda funny, would agree or disagree on it being true though?
well you do have the rage to blow anything.
Its true in the sense chat your rage bar is full and everyone probably just switched to you because you have recklessness (and a huge damage debuff) up.

I remember back in the day when enrage would proc on damage taken warriors were pretty much nuclear bombs on the battlefield. Reck + DW + Enrage + pot + trinket + Whirlwind = more damage than most people have HP bars.

But it also meant you were being focused and would be dead soon.
now in pvp thats a damn lie, since when you die you will be rooted and being blasted from 40 yards.
I think it's a PVE joke guys.

Colossus Smash(6 seconds)+Nuke= Agro = Dead

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