Need some help! Purple armor.

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So recently in some of the more Twilight Cultist changes I've been making to the guild I've decided on some pretty standard uniforms you'd expect to see twilight cultists. The level 60 cloth set and then the recolored judgement.

But I'm stumped on anything that'd look decent on someone who wears leather, or someone who wears mail.

So I'm curious, do you guys know any good purple sets of armor in the leather and mail bracket? Level does not really matter but I'm curious to see if there is anything out there that looks good.
Well, not the -best- choice of armor's, but a lot of people remark to me that the 85 JP plate gear makes me look very much like a twilight cultist.

It's every dps piece from the vendor along with the matching 339 healing boots Blacksmiths can craft. If you don't like the sleeveless chest piece then I've found the lvl 60 mail green to match well. Nexus-Strider chest. Cape is a personal choice I guess. As for weapon, I REALLY liked the look of the Endbringer with the armor. (2-hander sword from H-UB last boss)

If you have a plate wearer that's 85 that might be an option =3
02/20/2011 6:10 PMPosted by Rekha
If you have a plate wearer as an officer that's 85 that might be an option =3

I'll actually pass that on :D Sounds pretty cool.
02/20/2011 6:11 PMPosted by Vyressia
for druids/rogues the ally lvl 60 epic PvP is a decent full purple set

That's certainly not a bad idea, I actually rather like it. That'll solve the leather problem.

'm afraid I don't know about mail and leather, but for plate I personally think purple Judgement looks really silly (even if tons of Twilight mobs near the Bastion wear it).

Hopefully my armory will be updated really soon with the Twilight set that I use. A mix of quest gear. I think the hat looks pretty silly though and usually just forget it in favor of the warrior PVP hat (though it doesn't match very well).

:D Hey now, aside from the hat that's another great idea to add to the list, thanks sweetheart!

I expected no less of you...damn it man.

I expected no less of you...damn it man.

I can't think of anything more terrifying then having a group of men wearing that approaching me with one of them carrying a large burlap sack.

I expected no less of you...damn it man.

I can't think of anything more terrifying then having a group of men wearing that approaching me with one of them carrying a large burlap sack.

You're right...that is terrifying...
I don't know about the mail and leather, but the Ornate Pyrium plate is really nice-looking. I used that for a bit while playing a Twilight Infiltrator. Plus, it's easier to get and darker looking than the purple judgement!
It's not an actual "set" but there are Burning Crusade pieces that look like the Thick Draenic armor set only in purple.

Vest of Vegence
While they may be expensive, the shadow resist gear needed for the Mother Shahraz fight could work if you need purple boots, leggings and a belt.

The mail set is Shackled Souls and the leather is Redeemed Soul.
There's a set of purple and black leather armor that matches the rogue/feral heirloom shoulders/chest that drops in Outland dungeons. I distinctly remember running the entire set with my druid just because it was all purple.

Aha, found it!

Chest: Vest of Vengeance (
Shoulders: Mantle of the Dusk Dweller (
Legs: Skulldugger's Leggings (
Boots: Nethershade Boots (
Gloves: Deft Handguards (
Head: Darkguard Face Mask (
Belt: Shifting Sash of Midnight (

Ramparts, Blood Furnace, Underbog, Mana Tombs, Slave Pens, and Auchenai Crypts. A lot easier than requiring people to buy PvP gear.

(edit: Forgot the belt)
Personally not so sold on 'Purple Judgement' for Cultists (Yes, I know there are NPC's running around in it.)
You want to be a Cultist, not a Paladin practicing the path of Penance and Absolution, or just a Paladin who happened to walk under a ladder whilst someone was repainting the Exodar.

I'm going to take a random stab and just ask... Are these outfits you're considering for In-Your-Face - 'I'm a Cultist!' RP gear? Or just gear that has purple in it that your guildies can wear for the sake of wearing purple?
Contact me in-game!
The BC heroic recoloured Dragonstalker is purple and fits with the theme of the expansion.

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