Best noob memories?

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I remember me and my friend, both made human paladins, and farmed the kobold tunnel south of goldshire for hours for linen cloth. We vendored all of it and thought we were rich.
I rolled need on every item that dropped in Deadmines till the group stopped and explained to me how the looting system worked. This was 6 years ago and everyone was so polite bout it, hate see how people would react nowadays.
My friend and I spent about an hour and a half killing and skinning sheep in Elwynn Forest before her husband come home and explained that that's not how to get wool.
Happily exploring Tirisfall glades for the first time. Hello everyone, I'm new to the game! Hey, look, the "Bulwark" thats cool! Hey, cool, a bear! Whats that skull mean?
02/20/2011 2:55 PMPosted by Hippeaux
My friend and I spent about an hour and a half killing and skinning sheep in Elwynn Forest before her husband come home and explained that that's not how to get wool.

so funny
I took the Darkmoon cannon in goldshire straight into some murlocs...... *shutter*
Here's another:

I was killing Baron Geddon for the first time in Molten Core when my raid leader said "Hippeaux, you're the bomb!" in Vent.
I thought he was giving me a compliment. Then I blew up the raid.
Taming my first pet. It was an owl. I was so happy to play a hunter, after that dolt Smedley killed off us CHs in SWG.
getting booted for aggroing a mob as a tank

(lvl 20 sumtin)
On my first character which was a night elf, when I saw a dwarf in darnasus I reported him because i thought he was hacking

I thought only nightelves could be on teldrassil
Spending almost a week questing in Elwynn Forest, periodically scouring Stormwind for the best weapon & armor shops. (Me didn't know about the AH back then...not that I would have been able to afford anything, since I was trying to level leatherworking at the time...)
Shortly after creating this, my first character, I decided to follow the mountain pass south of the Valley of Trials. I ended up in the water northeast of Ratchet and made my way to what I thought was safe, dry land. I met the Barrens at level 2. We did not make friends.

While questing in Stranglethorn Vale, I came across an orc hunter pulling with auto-shot and using auto-shot until the mob got into melee range, at which point he would auto-attack until it died. I asked him what he was doing, he said that Raptor Strike and Arcane Shot didn't do enough damage to warrant the use of mana. It turned out he hadn't visited his class trainer since the initial quest where you are instructed to do so.
First thing I saw outside the noob starting zone was a void walker following another player and I though it was a player following another player. Only when I got to west fall did I find out it was a warlock pet class and that the voidwalker was a pet of the warlock and not a player.
My buddy and I decided to visit Ironforge. The only downfall of our plan was that it involved us running through the Burning Steppes.
Ummm. Oh. Entering my first bg (WSG) and grabbing the flag and running back to our base and sitting there trying to make it caputure. I kept asking why it wouldnt caputure and the people were laughing. Finally our team killed the other FC and i caputred it. Thing is though i didnt connect the possibility of having to have control of your own flag before caputuring. So i stayed away from bg's till like level 49 or so. :/

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