Warrior Class Mount

Ground: A shark riding a gorilla (they switch if you enter water). The gorilla has a tommygun under each arm, while the Shark has a handgrenade in it's mouth. Both of them are wearing sunglasses, and every time you hit the spacebar, (jump), someone's Gnome toon on your server is deleted. Not killed, but literally removed from existence.

Flying: A ballistic missile. There should be no way to dismount from this mount, but you are able to fly it indoors and collide directly with a boss, killing it, you, and everyone within two adjacent zones instantly.
I have Big Battle Bear which is fun and looks neat
Both ground and flying:

Ground mount: Godzilla

Flying mount: Rodan

Water mount: Titanosaurus
I know this is a "Fun" thread, But I feel that the basic race mounts are the best mounts for warriors. Let every one else feel so insecure about playing the wrong class that they need "Special" mounts to make themselves feel better. Me, I'll stick with my Red Hawkstrider
Land Mount: Permanent charge speed. We just sprint EVERYWHERE. Because we're mad at EVERYTHING. Rocks, flowers, patches of dirt, they all make me RRAAAAAAGGGEEE

Flying Mount: Hulk-level heroic leaps.

YES, I plus oned for hulk level heroic leaps
I'd like to see a Warrior class mount, but we're kind of a boring concept. Inhuman strength turns dude into dude with axes.

Druids shift into animals, so they get a mount. Paladins are all light-powered, so they get a mount. Same goes for Warlocks in reverse. DKs are undead, so that makes sense too.

Frankly I think the best pick for Warriors is the Black War Mount for their race.

Or those boarwolves they were going to give Worgen.
Necrod for relevance on class mount announcement.



PS; I want Odyn as a mount, we should ride in his beard.
I'm happy with my armored flying t-rex mount.
That weird looking dragon/barney type thing?

ground: a silverback gorilla
air: a Silverback gorilla with a jet pack
water: a Silverback gorilla with a snorkel

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