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To me, character customization is big in a game, and I feel that it's lacking in WoW. I feel that you should definitely be able to change a character's body size, especially his muscles, because naturally, a Warrior would be buff, and a mage would be slim.

Beyond that, there's no reason not to have a color wheel for both eyes and hair, to get your character dead on to what you want it to be.

Furthermore, I don't see why certain races are limited to certain hairstyles, and vice versa. I would love to have a mohawk or a buzz cut because I sport both in real life. When I go into the Barber Shop in Orgrimmar, I want to feel like I feel when I go into a barber shop in Detroit and tell the barber I want a buzz cut with all kinds of steps in my head "repping my city and my crew" (aka guild).

Also, the facial hair... Why can't blood elves grow full beards? Especially now that we are warriors, there's no reason we shouldn't have Leonidas's beard.

I know something like this might need an increase in graphics (to a small extent) but why not? I feel that it would pull in more players and the upgrade will pay for itself, as long as the increased customization weren't too much, and even if it were, some people would prefer that, and for those that wouldn't, make it optional. I would love to tell you how to make the customization screen more user friendly and more advanced, but I'm sure you have a whole team for that, don't you? Thanks Blizzard. <3 Young Giac
height would be nice to change too, yes WoW is far behind most other MMO's in character customization. GW1 had a great setup and GW2 looks crazy good.
yes, height would be good as well. someone was talking about adding tattoos. i don't know how i feel about adding tattoos since you never really see anyone's skin (besides the face) but it ain't a bad idea.
Lets not get ahead of ourselves. This isn't Sims. Although, changing muscle density and height will be nice.

J/k, in all seriousness if blizzard can find a way to tweak build and height without making the characters look misproportioned I'd love to see it. More hairstyles would be great too instead of just kind of copying them off other races. I still get a good laugh seeing humans in blood elf hair though.
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for sure.
This topic has been thorwn out there a lot, but i do agree with it. i would like to see More customization, hairstlyes, tattos, Height/muscle change, facial hair, the works, everything. it will make the game a lot more fun if every toon looked differnt
TL:DR Been asked for a million times and ingored 2 million times. I'm sure it will be ingored twice this time to.
02/23/2011 8:17 PMPosted by Weißbier
TL:DR Been asked for a million times and ingored 2 million times. I'm sure it will be ingored twice this time to.

well thanks for the positivity.
Oh, hey #**#ing Blizzard Look another thread about GUESS WHAT, Character customization, thats right! Maybe one of you blues can actually read this one, instead of pushing it to the furthest back pages to cover up your lazieness.
It's just really annoying and pathetic at this point, I mean they even removed the suggestion forums so it's like they don't even give a damn what the community thinks anymore.
Yes, one that was based off the players fanbase back when they actually listened to our opinions.

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