Quest help: "Slavery is Bad" in Searing Gorge

I need some advice. I can't seem to figure out how to get to the slag pit in Searing Gorge to turn in this quest to Evonice Sootsmoker. I see the ? in the hills near Thorium point on the map but can't seem to get to her. Is there some special trail?? Is the map wrong? Checked on Wowhead under comments for help. Couldn't find a solution. So, if you have done this quest, can you somehow assist? I am beginning to get frustrated but don't want to interrupt the storyline by abandoning it. I am trying for loremaster. Thanks a bunch! :)
The map isn't wrong but it is confusing. She is deep underground in the caves that open out into the Slag Pit. You can't get into the caves anywhere near where she is, but you have to then work your way back in there as far as where you see her map marker.

There are a few ways into the cave. In the Slag Pit there are several platforms and some of these connect to cave entrances. Most of them all connect together but it might take some running around to work out where everything goes. There is also a big hole int he ground just south of Thorium Point, it is possible to jump down there though you will take a fair bit of fall damage unless you can mitigate that. That will drop you some of the way into the right caves.
I found her to the right, after I killed Obsidion, on a shelf going up the side inside the same cave. She is very close. So don't leave the cave your in, turn the quests in first.
i been Running around Searing gorge and i cant Find this cave i had another quest n left SMH Please tell me how to find this cave..
Battleon, first, it's better to start a new thread rather than necroing an old one in these situations.

Now, the easiest way, IIRC, to get to the cave is to head to Pyrox Flats, an area south of Thorium Point that includes a piece of land jutting into the Cauldron (the huge strip mine in the middle of the zone). Along that cliff face, you will find an elevator which takes you down to a catwalk which will lead to the cave you need to enter (just note that the elevator goes to multiple floors, so if you're on the wrong catwalk, get back on and go to the next floor).

Your other option is to travel along the west rim of the Cauldron until you find a path down into it. Near the bottom, look to the north and you'll find a ramp which, again, leads to the same cave.

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