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Darker than Black is a CST-located casual guild on the Mal'Ganis realm (PvP server) that has been together since August 2010. We pride ourselves in having a strong bond through a family/friend-oriented atmosphere.

We have have one 10-man group that raids Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:30PM until 11:00PM CST. While we have a casual raiding schedule, we are by no means a casual guild. We raid to win and expect you to be a top performer and remain focused for several hours at a time. We are not the type of guild where you only log in to raid. Most of our players are very involved in 10 man runs, PvP, and completing achievements. The average Darker than Black member plays 20+ hours per week.

We are currently recruiting for our 10-man raid group. We want someone who is consistently available, punctual for raids, and knowledgeable about their class. Any recruit we bring on is expected to be able to regularly attend raids. 90% attendance is appreciated. We are always interested in exceptional applicants. We are looking for people to join our raiding core as we move progressively through Mists of Pandaria!

Since we have a strong foundation, we hold high our ability to maintain a close knit community with low drama. Although we are not hardcore raiders, we still take raiding serious and enjoy the company of others as we clear content.

If you have any questions or are interested in applying, please visit darkerthanblack.wowstead.com and complete our application. You can also send a whisper to myself or one of the officers in game. Thank you for your interest in Darker than Black!
Updated needs to either a Mage or Enhancement/Elemental Shaman. Please see our website for any information not listed above: www.darkerthanblack.wowstead.com!

We are now 6/7 and pushing for Rag kill this week
Still seeking Mage or Enhancement/Elemental Shaman for permanent, core spot. Apply or PST in-game.
Bump, 7/7 now!
Updated recruitment needs - seeking a Discipline/Holy Priest for Tues-Thurs raiding (7:30PM-11:00PM CST). Please see website at www.darkerthanblack.wowstead.com, or speak to an officer or msyelf in-game. Thanks!
Healy Priest!
Justin Bieber likes Priest!
Up up and away!
I was adopted
But we <3 you, so does it matter? To the top!

Oh yeah, we need a Resto Druid and Disc/Holy Priest!
bump need some healers 7/7 1/7 hm + more lets go people!
bump for nudes
No nudes. Purplez instead?

Still need rdruid/dpriest!
Same thing as above.
I want a new healer for my birfday!

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