[H] Darker than Black Recruiting!

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Heejls whur u at
How much did you have to drink?
1 - 800 choke that murloc
To the top! What do we need again?
We're full!

But if we start a second raid group, which is under discussion since a bunch of our inactive pro raiders just returned, we'll need a few more people. TBD and updated!
What the heck is it with no-shows? Looking for two more competent DPS as we work our way through Fireland heroics. Either a Balance Druid, Shadow Priest or DPS Shaman would be great, as well as a Mage who knows their stuff! PST me in-game, post here, or app on our website darkerthanblack.wowstead.com. Thanks!
Duude come back on and gimme mah fools golds ;o
Currently seeking an Elemental Shaman to progress through Dragon Soul heroics. PST me in-game for more information, or apply through our website at darkerthanblack.wowstead.com. Thanks for reading!
That's an awesome anime :D, is there a new season out?
Bump yeaaaaaaaaaaa!
I know Funi released season 2 bundled with the OVAs for Christmas, but season 2 sucks !@#.
We're seeking a couple more reliable and experienced bodies to join us as we continue through heroics. Currently, both 10-man core raid groups are 3/8H.

Our current needs for the first group (Tues-Thurs) are:
Equally geared and experienced tank with DPS offspec:
- Death Knight
Equally geared and experienced DPS with Healer offspec:
- Priest (Discipline preferred)

Our current needs for the second group (Sat-Mon) are:

If you are interested in joining , please visit our website and complete an application or whisper me in-game if you have questions. Thanks!
Hey abby. Its that retard again. If you guys still need a resto sham for your weekend group I would love to come back and heal for the weekend group. I am starting to pvp more than raid, and my school just ruins basically every guilds raid times on this server so im just gonna stop PvEing at a serious level for now.

But dont think I wont take your raids seriously. I still love raiding and love to heal lots :P. Just hit me up if you still need in game we still friendsies. But I ditched my ele OS for PvP healing. So I can only heal.
Updated needs.
We need tanks!

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