[H] Darker than Black Recruiting!

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^ Same as above.
Just seeking a resto druid for Tues-Thurs 7:30PM-11:00PM.
Looking for monk tank with dps os for main group 4/6 leave info here or pst Drizzy in game =)
Group 1 still looking for a monk tank/dps offspec.
We are still looking to fill a couple spots permanently. The following DPS classes will be specifically reviewed at this time:

- Druid (Balance)
- Warlock (any spec)
- Priest (Shadow)
- Death Knight (Frost or Unholy)
Still need some reliable dps for our Tu-Thurs raids.

Visit our website to apply or hit us up in-game.
Looks like Guildox has us server first "Getting Hot in Here" achievement:

Nice job guys!

Oh and looking for a few reliable raiders to round out our two 10-man teams.
Need a non-druid healer and a dps (prefer Warrior, Frost DK, or Warlock) for our second team. T/W/Th 7:30-11pm server, currently working on Elegon. Any solid apps will be considered. Visit darkerthanblack.wowstead.com and refer any questions to Abbygale, Krongar, Andreazi, or myself.
Recruiting 1 tank for core group 6/6 MsV 1/6 Hof looking for 1 monk or paladin tank with a geared dps os fully gemmed and enchanted and 5/6 in msv atleast pst me in game anytime i'm online thanks.


Bump because I wish I could still raid with this great group of people
Bump because we miss you Bloxin.
Proud of you guys!

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