[H] Darker than Black Recruiting!

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11/15/2012 07:29 PMPosted by Abbygale
Proud of you guys!

Recruiting one ele shaman/boomkin or hunter must have exp already pst me in game
bump still looking
Bumping for bumps sake.
Bump looking for resto shaman or ele shaman,hunter or boomkin!
bump ^
Wish you guys woulda told me not to leave guild, i woulda loved raiding with all of you guys :(
Claw, you know the door is always open for you to come back :-)

A boomkin would do us just fine.
Hi, lovies!
Still looking for a ranged dps with haste buff (Hunter, Boomkin, Ele Shaman).
Contact me, Drizzy, Decandence, or Abbygale for more information.
Merry x-mas everyone!
Currently seeking a DPS warrior or Elemental Shaman for a core spot! Please see our website for expectations and progression. Thanks!
We are now 4/6 heroic and working on H:Blade Lord and H:Wind Lord tonight.

Need a geared/experienced healer (priest, shaman or druid preferred). DPS offspec a plus.

Contact me, abbygale, or drizzy in-game or reply here.
Still looking for an experienced healer.
Its hard to find a good healer these days :P
Still seeking a healer with DPS offspec! Preferences to Priests and Shamans. Thanks lovies!

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