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Still looking for a healer with a DPS offspec (priest or shaman preferred), or will also now consider DPS classes and I will heal on my priest. Please contact me in-game through Real ID or tells, or throw an app up on our website. Thanks!
Technically, YODO. You live everyday.

Anyhow, we're seeking a DPS class now (Warrior or Rogue preferred). You know how to get in touch with me if interested. Thanks.
For DPS, updated recruitment needs to Rogue, Balance Druid, or Elemental/Enhance Shaman.

Also seeking a new healer - Restoration Shaman preferred but will also accept applications from Restoration Druids or Holy Paladins. Bonus points if you have a DPS offspec!!!

Need a tank and R/Shaman heals?

Added: Restro Heals.
Any classes looking for a spot are willing to contact me!
Recruiting some good players, the guild leader is a girl!
I might be interested if you still need a priest healer!

http://www.wow-heroes.com/ here is some logs , I also have a dps set if needed
bump still looking for tanks and dps
Nope, tank and healer only!
Can I join the guild? I'm a troll in need of a new home. I will bring cookies.
Still seeking a tank and healer!
Tank and healer!
Still seeking a:
- tank (anything but Paladin),
- healer (Resto Shaman preferred but will consider MW Monk or Resto Druid), and
- DPS (Rogue or Warlock preferred).

Although we have indicated which classes would be preferred, we will still accept all applications from exceptional players with experience. We're pushing through hardmodes right now, preparing this group for the upcoming 5.2!

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