Can't get Silithus quest achievement?

Seems I'm stuck at 18/19 quests. I did all the quests in the zone (to my knowledge) pre-Cataclysm for the rep and since I was going for Loremaster and Seeker then, but ran out of time and money before I could get it done, unfortunately.

Went out there to look for a quest to do so I could get the achievement and found nothing but a quest to take me to Blasted Lands and a cooking quest, neither of which count towards the achievement.

Anyway to know what quests I have and haven't done without using an add on? Last time I tried EveryQuest it was telling me I didn't do quests that I clearly remembered doing, so it was more of a headache than a helpful tool.

And do the raid quests count towards it? Pretty sure I did all of the raid quests EXCEPT the Eye of C'Thun, which I had but never got around to turning in before my sub went up and it either disappeared from my inventory or I accidentally deleted it. I really don't feel like getting a group together to get past the Twins again, so I'm hoping that isn't the quest I need. :/
I count 24 quests that should count, and that you should be able to do.

1. Warchief's Command: Silithus! / The Sands of Silithus / The Dunes of Silithus
2. Securing the Supply Lines
3. Stepping Up Security

4. Deadly Desert Venom
5. Noggle's Last Hope
6. Noggle's Lost Satchel

7. The Twilight Mystery
8. The Deserter
9. The Twilight Lexicon
10. A Terrible Purpose
11. True Believers

12. Brann Bronzebeard's Lost Letter

13. Dearest Natalia
14. Into The Maw of Madness
15. Breaking the Code
16. Glyph Chasing
17. Unraveling the Mystery
18. The Calling

19. Report to General Kirika
20. Scouring the Desert

21. Secret Communication

22. Twilight Geolords
23. Vyral the Vile

24. Wanted - Deathclasp, Terror of the Sands

(Order not important, alphabetical mostly by chain).

All of these are soloable world quests. Some you may be able to redo even though you think you have done them, either because they subtly changed something and reset credit, or because you misremembered.

If you did Securing the Supply Lines pre-Shattering you probably won't be able to get the Command quest or the other parallel breadcrumbs from Un'goro. I guess it is also possible to lock yourself out of the quest sending you to the Horde PvP general if you found him and did his quest first. But that would still leave 22.

Your only choices are to use an add-on or to manually check each quest for availability.

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