Beastmaster DPS blows

Just did some testing. Beastmaster DPS (with pet) vs. Marksman DPS (without pet). No cooldowns used, just following rotations.

Beastmaster (Serpent Applied at beginning of fight in Arcane's place):
Kill Command, Arcane Shot, Cobra Shot, Cobra Shot, *repeat
Pet: Core Hound

Marksman (Serpent Sting applied after first Aimed Shot):
Chimera Shot, Aimed Shot, Steady Shot, Steady Shot, Steady Shot, *repeat
(Cycle sometimes broken due to instant cast aimed shots becoming available).

Beastmaster Player DPS: 4.8k - 5.0k
Beastmaster Pet DPS: 4.0k - 4.2k
Total DPS: 8.8k - 9.2k

Marksman Player DPS (no pet): 14.3k - 15.0k

Blizzard, how the heck did you mess that one up? That's using a DPS pet to, not a tenacity one! Where's the logic in keeping Beastmaster DPS so friggin' low? I made this character for the purpose of making him a Beastmaster Hunter, but with so many things immune to pet taunts/abilities and the DPS being so dramatically lower, I'm forced to play other specs. Marksman and Survival are fun, but I want to be viable playing BeastMaster too (PvE perspective).

P.S.: I know the rotations aren't the best, but even so it still shows there's a HUGE difference in DPS either way. I'm sure you could improve the Beastmaster DPS a lot by streaming cooldowns together, but I don't recall a DPS class ever being REQUIRED to steam cooldowns together just to be viable (notice I said VIABLE, not "Have 20k dps for the duration of the cooldowns being blown).

Ugh. Please Blizzard, fix Beastmaster. It's lame. The talents seem mostly tasteless and lackluster, and I believe that's where most of the problem lies.
This is a new, and exciting thread!
take out careful aim if ur gonna do a dummy test and your doing something wrong with Bm as i was pullling between 11-13k during the 5 min rotation testing i did when patch 4.0.6 came out. sure its less than MM but its a lot funner to play since my favorite spec Sv dropped a lot.
The BM spec that you have now better not be the one you used to do your tests with.... I average around 15ishk and I'm BM.
see the OP is for getting to do BW/TBW KC arcane x6 KC

BM damage is fine, MM is barely higher. I'm not understanding the point of this thread. OP is bad and making a whine post because of this?
02/19/2011 4:34 PMPosted by Sofar
see the OP is for getting to do BW/TBW KC arcane x6 KC

Exactly. BM is awesome because it has a short cd damage ability.

Careful Aim is practically a cooldown as well. so that'd have to be factored out anyway.

Careful Aim isn't a cooldown if you're using it on test dummies that're always at full health..
So... you used a core hound instead of a cat/sprit beast or a wolf/devilsaur... why? For the BL?
Hey tardbucket, don't forget Focus Fire.
The BM hunter in my guild ilvl 352 is averaging around 16k dps in 10man raids. I believe something is wrong with your testing.
After careful aim phase, BM out performs marks (where the fights actually matter). Not sure how you're failing with your testing.
I'm not quite sure where your going wrong but I go BM as my main spec now and put up about 11k-12k dps in heroics (without 15% luck of draw buff). When I tried Marksman I was actually lower than that. I do know that like several people have already stated, testing marksman on a dummy is completely inaccurate because you get +60% crit chance with aimed and steady...
That buff only lasts for about 2 secs on a trash mob unit and maybe 15 seconds on a boss.

It sounds like you didnt use Beastial Wrath either because it is a cooldown, however, the cooldown is only 1.17 minutes which means it is used almost every mob in a dungeon, maybe every other mob. During BW you simply spam AS and KC and your dps skyrockets. Focus fire is also a buff that has nearly 100% up time in a boss fight which you didnt use in your test.

I would suggest using the cooldowns of both specs during your tests and test for about 5 minutes straight with each spec. You will likely see that BM relies on its Cooldowns for high dps but they are not that long of CDs.

BW = 1.17 min Focus Fire = 15 seconds I think Fervor = 2 minutes and of course Rapid Fire = 5

While Marksman really just has Rapid Fire on a 3 minute CD. So testing without CDs is prob hurting BM more so than MM.

Oh and one last thing, Aspect of the Hawk is going to increase AP by 2000 more than it currently does. Since AP is BMs most important attribute besides Agil... it is likely going to buff BM more than other specs. BM is doing fine dps and will be doing even more shortly.
I think the main issues people have with BM are your pet has to run from target to target which lowers dps when switching targets and also if your pet dies you are screwed due to a 10 second cast on revive pet.
BM requires you to use Cooldowns, Beastial Wrath is a 1.1minute CD, compared to Survival's 5min Rapidfire / MM's 3minute 30s mini Lust.

BM is matching my MM fine.
bestial wrath brah
Bestial Wrath + Rapid Fire = SPAM DAT ARCANE SHOT, BRO!!

BM DPS is fairly low, but if you're not even breaking 10k, it's more than just the spec.
Bestial Wrath shouldnt be used during Rapid Fire.
ALso, bring a Cunning pet.

Bestial wrath + fervour = 100 bonus focus effective.

Bestial wrath + Roar of Recovery = (not quite sure if its player or pet nowdays) effective 60 focus bonus.

Bestial wrath has 1.1min aprox CD. Fervour has 2mins.

Bestial Wrath + Focus
Bestial Wrath + Roar of Recov (if it still works)
Bestial Warath + Focus again.

and for the love of douchebaggery, make sure you have fullish focus when you pop it.
Else its like, BESTIAL WRATH!... .COBRA SHOT! (lol)

02/19/2011 4:20 PMPosted by Iretha
The BM spec that you have now better not be the one you used to do your tests with.... I average around 15ishk and I'm BM.

I can hold around 11.5-13k dps on a boss in heroics and my gear sucks bro. Are you sure you werent doing something wrong?

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