BloodElf Druids

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Night elves were mostly a Mage driven society before the Sundering. Afterwards, their culture changed into that which we see today. The night elf mages that are represented in game by NPC's and players are the only surviving Highborne caste that Azshara had researching in Eldre'thalas (Dire Maul). They survived the Sundering, and also the outlaw of Arcane magic due in part to their seclusion and the careful leadership of Prince Tortheldrin.

There's why Night elves get mages.

Blood elves will never be Druids because of Game Balancing issues.

However, prior to Arthas decimating the people of silvermoon city (and the subsequent surviving High elves becoming blood elves), the highe lves had a ranger faction that acted sort of independantly of their main government, called the Farstriders. These high elf rangers have been known to use simple druidic magic.

In lore, Blood elves are capable of becoming a druid, but none thus far have been documented considering the race as a whole are tainted by fel magic. So, while a Blood elf druid is feasible and possible, it's just not likely, both in lore and in game.
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Blood Elf Druids Should be in the next expansion.

Please get a toothpick and put it under your toenail and kick a wall plox
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I would like to make a point. WoW "Druids" use both ARCANE magic and NATURE magic.

Balance druid spells are given arcane classification due to game mechanics, not because they use actual arcane energy.

The spells are based of channeling the power of the moon and stars.
Arcane magic is completely against Druid's way of life. What does the whole Blood Elf race thrive on? Arcane Magic. That's why Kael'thas went crazy.
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our druid trainer is all the way outside of the stormwind castle. sad face lol


I find you very annoying, just by the way you type.

Anyway, getting to my point, dunno if anyone has mentioned it yet because I didn't even bother reading the rest of this stupidity...

Nightelves used arcane energy until whats his nuts centurion or w/e came and was like

"Yo so uh, we're done with arcane and gonna use nature, gotta problem gtfo."
If one more person says "elfs" I may lose all faith
I don't want any more races becoming druids. The class just does not fit any of the current races except Tauren, Night Elf, and Troll. Worgen are a stretch but it works out since Worgen didn't really have any lore until Cataclysm.
To the OP, sorry it would be a BIG stretch in the lore for blood elves to have druids. the druids were the ones that EXILED their ANCESTORS!!

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