Who's best tank Flag Carrier for RBGs?

Im biased because i play a prot warrior but this is my opinion:

Prot warrior>blood dk>feral

charge, intercept, heroic leap, intervene out of roots. aoe fear, aoe stun, ranged silence, last stand + enraged regen combo, shield mastery (20% magic damage reduction for 6 sec). 40% block chance. if you manage cd's and position yourself right prot warrior is by far the best flag carrier

2nd i'd say blood dk. They have some good survival mechanics but can be locked down fairly easy with the right chain of disarm/silence

Feral can work but its really no better than just having a rogue run your flag

prot pally is pretty pointless assuming you already have a holy pally supplying all the useful cd's

My guild normally uses a DK and we do fairly well. But the hardest carrier to kill for us is a warrior. they can self regen half their health, get 60% less damage, last stand...

Feral druids are very good flag carriers if they have high resilience. Top three in my opinion is

prot pallys dont have a place in the RBG world :/

what makes u think prot pally has no place in rbg? what i know is prot pally is better then prot warrior. we have some good stuff that we can use! we can bop our healer, hand of freedom ardent defender divine protection (id say u have to glyph if it! if u r planing to be FC)
AS can silence casters one last thing we can use Lay on Hands. they all make prot pally has no place in rbg?
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why would u waste peoples time by saying this in a still relevant thread?

my guild uses a prot war because they can stunlock the opposing team's offensive healer allowing for our 1-2 defensive dps to easily kill off the offensive assault
prot pally would have to be the worst. they have dmg reduction cooldowns but the cd timers are ridiculous. they have no spell resistance for a tank unless your gonna jeapordize your aura in which case you will get hit alot harder from melee swinging on you.

second on the list imo would be dk's. they do have an anti magic shield which is benificial BUT the duration really isn't all that long. blood shield can absorb alot too. i'm not saying this is a bad class to have as fc but there are better.

druids would have to be 2nd best imo again. just because the mitigation is amazing for melee and they can absorb ALOT. the mobility is pretty good too. stuns are limited but that's why we all have dps. they can also pop last stand /frenzied rejuv along with barkskin which seeing a tank (geared) with 250k hp is a scary thought in pvp.

warriors are probably the best because right off the bat they have DR for both melee and casters. they have spell reflect, disarms, 30 seconds of stuns, last stand and regeneration and the mobility is actually impeccable.
Warriors for their defensive CDs, disarms and ridonculous mobility to get out of smokebombs.
Warlocks are the best flag carriers once in base, go go go port bebe
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what makes u think prot pally has no place in rbg?
Every role a prot pally can fill would be better filled by pretty much anyone else. Prot pallys do have pretty good mitigation, but prot warriors and blood DKs have better ways to prevent the damage from ever happening in the first place. Prot pallys aren't so bad that they can't get the job done, but the question wasn't "can they do it", it was "who's the best". Nothing personal, pallys just aren't.

08/15/2011 05:04 PMPosted by Aross
what i know is prot pally is better then prot warrior. we have some good stuff that we can use
I know you're defensive about it and all, since it's your class, but everything you mentioned with the exception of Ardent Defender can be brought by a holy pally, plus the hpally can bubble themselves and BoP someone else. There is some value in Ardent Defender, and being able to LoH yourself in a Smoke Bomb, but not enough to outweight what the other tanks bring.
Prot Warrior... More mobile
Prot Pally you still have sacred sheild and lay on hands plus resistance aura
My guild runs a blood DK most of the time, but when he's not on I end up carrying the flag(feral). It's not the best choice, but I get the job done well enough. Between Survival Instincts, bark skin, and frenzied regen., it's usually enough to handle what's thrown at me, UNLESS the FC debuff goes beyond 6 or 7 stacks. After that it's a crapshoot--hate to say it, but luck has a bit to do with the end result there, mostly how well coordinated the other team is.

Keep in mind, this is a low rating team generally playing other low rating teams.
prot warrior for numerous reasons stated already. their aoe stun and the short cd on it is just so godly/annoying/gamebreaking and can't be matched by the pally or dk.
Even tho its a necro I'll post.

It's now becoming clear that prot warrior is the far and away best choice for flag carrier.

1. Mobility - charge, intervene, intercept, heroic leap. Not just about moving down the field quickly either. Sure its great to block/parry/dodge melee but you know what's even better? Staying away from them. Just charge that freecasting arcane mage. Oh he blinked? Or you got deathgripped back? Intercept. Still in trouble? Intervene your farthest healer (hope your mouseover macro works as well as mine). Smokebomb you say? No worries, heroic leap is your anti-smokebomb cooldown.

2. Peels - warriors specced correctly into blitz can peel their healers with nothing but a charge. Conc blow your charge target, disarm another guy, intercept that third guy, when that's over with, shockwave them all. Intervene on cooldown for 30% reduced damage to your healer + 2 interved attacks (lol).

3. Cleave - yes cleave. Once your vengeance is stacked to the moon, hit up inner rage and wipe their offense BY YOURSELF. Not even remotely kidding. +20 thousand attack power ftw.
Prot Warrior BY FAR!

The reasons have been stated, but tl;dr

1. Extremely high mobility. Charge(stun) Intervene(Peel/DMG Reduc) Heroic leap (Perfect for gaining distance while slowed to line up another charge/intervene)

2. Crowd Control. 2 very short CD stuns, disarm, and when things get really hectic, fear bomb for breathing room. Warriors that feel comfortable with their survivability can even spec for a huge *spammable* AoE slow.

3. Damage Reduction. Although a Paladin can mimic this with defensive cooldowns, we can easily regen 50%+ health in a matter of seconds with Last stand + Enraged regen which sacrifices nothing but possibly our fear/sap immunity window.

Combine the above with superior AoE debuffs (cast time/swing reduc, solid damage reduc etc.) as well as superior AoE damage, they are easily the most well-rounded flag carrier. Every good RBG group has one in their arsenal.
Warr and Blood DK. Those 2 are the best by a wide-margin.
I personally love Warriors for Tank Carries - Between Leap of Faith and Heroic Leap, you can punt the Flag Carrier far out of range from enemies.

I've been pretty impressed with some Feral Druids. They can be pretty speedy and quick on their forms. Breaking Roots is always nice.

Blood DKs are fine. Pain Suppression on them while cycloned seems to work nicely.

I'm not a huge fan of Prot Paladins. It just makes me sad, when a Ret or Holy just seem like better choices. I love Prot Pallies (and my Alliance 85 is one), but you need to glyph Divine Protection for the magic resistance and you can't bubble while you have a flag. You can survive a while, but really, it's just super defensive playing. Sometimes it feels like I'm surviving on sheer force of will alone, but the reality is that I rely on my healers.

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