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I was in the middle of reading this whole thread then it was deleted and believe people should see this ill edit out the names to save a forum ban that the creator may have received

For a hour and a half I had to listen to a group of child abusers use general chat to discuss the laws, distribution and other facets of child pornography. I put a ticket in, and was just hit with the "18 hours for response" message. Also, tons of other people just sat around saying "I doubt he gets banned. Blizzard does not care" and that is kind of the truth. So much crap like this happens all the time, and Blizzard does NOTHING to police their own game.

Telling us to use an ignore feature or police it ourselves it not acceptable. You make billions of dollars per month, so I have a hard time believing you can't hire more GM's to do nothing but watch chat channels and suspend/ban those always causing problems.

Even if the following people were just trolling, the way they discussed exploiting children should get them reported to the local authorities to at least investigate the matter. What some may say "LOL! HE JUST JOKES" might actually be some pervert with children locked in his house.

Here are the names of the people who were talking about this, saying they want to watch it, and would not shut up about child porn in general:

- This was the main offender. He was arguing in favor of child porn for over an hour
- Did nothing but say how much the conversation aroused him
- I believe is producing child porn based on some of the comments he made
- Joined in to ask about hiring an individual to kill other person
- Accused people of being abused as a child for asking them all to stop talking about it, and relentlessly attacked anyone who wanted them to shut up

All of these people were on Mal'Ganis in the general chat for the TB daily zone.

Even if they were making it all up and just trolling, this type of behavior should still NOT be acceptable what-so-ever.

I really hope Blizzard does something about it.

I bet money this post is removed and I get a forum ban while all of these sick people get absolutely nothing done to them. I say this, because I see people do stuff similar to this ALL THE TIME, EVERY SINGLE DAY and they fill up chat channels for HOURS with horrible junk. Yet, GM's never take any action.

I would at least HOPE these people are investigated by local authorities to ensure they are not exploiting children.
Do not repost moderated topics.

If you have feedback for the moderation team, write to:

Thank you for removing the names first, however, reposting about a deleted topic is not a good way to retain your posting privilages.
Re-posting about baned threads is against the TOS. Any complaints can be dealt with at
Perhaps the original moderator who replied could have said something like "While we appreciate your assistance in keeping our community clean, I would like you to be aware that posting peoples names is a violation of our code of conduct. " Etc. Now, the mod could have edited the names him/herself, no? I'm not sure of their priv's.

He/she also could have directed the original poster of the initial thread of the best way to get ahold of someone where something can be done.

That's the reason people jumped all over that green. Because he/she didn't seem to care at all about the topic, but was merely concerned with enforcing some forum rules.

Why didn't the green show any initiative to assist in resolving the issue? Direct the user to the proper place.

Sure the user broke code of conduct, but that green poster gives me an idea of someone who just goes in to work and does the absolute minimum they have to, to get a pay check. I've seen many other mods take a proactive approach to topics where people break rules, and they do their best to assist even if their hands are tied.

Good job trying to sweep something under the rug.

I'll take my ban now.
Why didn't the green show any initiative to assist in resolving the issue? Direct the user to the proper place.

Snowfox did indeed tell the OP the channels to go thru to take care of this issue, everyone ignored it tho and jumped on her for telling him he was breaking forum rules.
This may have been the wrong thing to do and i apologize. If the original post was true or not it certainly struck a cord with me hence my re-post there was no other alteria motive whatsoever.

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