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My name is Genezing, I am a Noggenfoggeraholic. I love Noggenfogger on all of my toons, Undead cast and attack so cool, but it breaks my heart that it can only be basically used when I am Resto and I actually refuse to go Tree Form due to losing my Noggenfogger buff.

Now that I have picked up Boomkin, it is even worse. My solution, allow us to use Noggenfogger in form or, have us maintain the buff even through shapeshifting, such as when we enter caster form.

I do not know if this post has been created but, I would love to see this lost awaited change come into play.
Funny.. I was thinking of posting about this today. So, thanks for doing it for me!

I really wish Bliz would look at the imbalance and unfairness to the druid class that cannot keep appearance changing effects when they shapeshift.

Every other class can keep their pirate, ninja, furbolg form, skeleton, dwarf boot flask or any other number of masquerade, costume, appearance changing effects except druids.

Please consider looking at this and giving us a fair game.

While I think the idea would be really cool, what you guys aren't taking into account is that druids by nature get the bonus of extra forms. Just because you've become accustomed to seeing a moonhicken doesn't mean other classes don't still think it's pretty freakin cool to not have to be in humanoid form all the time.
I've almost rerolled and started tanking on other classes for this reason alone.

Personally, I keep holding out for they day that they allow Noggenfogger to work in forms. And by that I mean skeletal moonkin, skeletal cat, skeltal bear, etc.
Ah, I remember the day that was taken away from us. Sad, sad day. My theory is a feral druid killed a dev while noggenfoggered anjd couldn't figure out how this skeleton was hitting him with bear and cat skills.

Having a skeleton swing around a giant mace with a 1.0 attack speed was awesome though.
Bump for Druid love.
No, don't bump for druid love.
Mucho lovo for druids.
bump for druid love..
also i think that its neat how everyone posted on here is a druid lol
now there isn't all druids. owned
I remember back when it used to stay with us in got nerfed after people QQd about not being able to tell what form we are in
Yeah, we could Nogginfogger in classic. People thought ninja cats were overpowered, so it got nerfed.
Ok, but really the reason for the nerf is out of date. Give us our fun costumes back. You could make it not work in bg and arena if you like, no biggie.
Been suggested soooo many times. I personnaly will settle for simply keeping the ''costume'' buff when we shapeshift insteat of losing it. I use the pirate costume, go in cat and i look like a cat, but if i return humanoid i will have the costume. Right now shapeshifting REMOVE the buff completly T T
I too was planing to make a post on this today. This has been on my mind for awhile and I also promote the idea that when shapeshifting the buff should stay while you still transform into a cat (or whatever). I don't know if this is hard to implement but i think i have seen this work with effects such as the one from the Potion of Illusion (not sure). I have been looking into buying a Kalytha's Haunted Locket for my druid but it loses it's value to me because shape shifting will remove the effect. I believe that allowing the buff to remain while shapeshifted will be a harmless and fair solution to this problem.

You can still get the small buff though
Hi Genezing
wtb skele cat, bear and thunder chicken

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