Heroic LK 25 kill, Weds 7pm server

Saviorazz (Argentum), Nimuespectre (The Empire), and I are putting together a hLK kill on 25 man for Weds, 7 server and we have a few open spots, primarily dps.

Please let me know if you'd like to be included, with the following caveat: if you have not already downed the LK on heroic, at least have completed the LK fight on regular a number of times, you won't be a good fit for our group. You don't need to be level 85 or carried by Cata gear for this, because this kill was doable at level 80; you just need to be smart. If you are going to ragequit after one wipe, stand in Shadow Trap, fail at targeting a Valk, or have us all visit Lake Defile, please refrain from joining us.

Post here or send me a tell in-game if you'd like to be included.

Cheers <3
I'd stand in shadow traps..

But I hear Lake Defile is nice this time of year.
Bouncing bear popcorn? Sounds delish.

And I hear that the aliens can't read your thoughts anymore, thanks to the solar panels on that hat.
No I didn't fail just haven't attempted it again since we got him to almost phase 3
02/22/2011 2:09 PMPosted by Ronycoleman
I heard its hard at 85.

Its odd, you don't even have Kingslayer...
Whats odd is you assuming this is my main.

Most people know what I got, I won't ego trip it.

Out of curiosity, not bashing or anything, what is the point of posting on an alt? Never understood the point.
Most peoples point not to post on their main is because they troll or say offensive things, If they were to post those things on their main while in a high ranking guild, the guild would take action.

Another reason can be because their mains guild may be different from their alts and they don't want to corrupt their guilds rep by their posts.

So don't post such things? Why should you be ashamed to say something?
Real question is why wouldn't we say such things?

The forums are the place to ###! on people

Why hide behind an alt though is what I'm trying to get at, say *%!% on your main, who cares what others think.

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