361 ilvl Hunter LF high progression guild

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
***Update: Thanks for the responses, i have found a new home. So post withdrawn.***


Age: 24

Location: Melbourne. Australia

Availability: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Sunday, 7:00pm st – 12:30am st. Can only fit in 4 nights per week though.

Raiding History: Vanilla – ZG/MC/AQ20/BWL/AQ40-(up to Twin emps)/NAXX-(up to 4-horsemen)
BC – Kara/Gruuls/Mag/TK/SSC/Hyjal/BT/SWP-(up to Eredar Twins)
WoTLK – Naxx/OS3d/Malygos/Uld/ToGC/ICC(H)/RS
Cata – BH/ToFW(1/2)/BoT(3/4)/BWD(5/6) – (experienced on Cho’gal & Nefarian)

Addons: DBM, Omen3, Powerauras, EPGP, OmniCC, FortXorcist, Recount, Quartz, Clique. Have uninstalled Rawr as I have found more accurate external sites to optimize my reforge/gem/enchants

I show up to raids on time with flasks/food, have an immaculate attendance history and I keep active on guild forums & discussions. Currently I am MM build, however due to the incoming Aimed shot nerf & AoH Buff, I could spec otherwise after some testing & research.

I am posting here because most of the High-end guilds on my server are full on hunters/have hunter fighting over raid spots. So im looking for a guild in need of an exceptional Hunter to help progress 25mans or to fill a core 10 man team.

Will also faction change.
My guild on Dreadmaul could use a hunter, not sure how hardcore you're looking for, we're currently rebuilding 25-mans to actively go at them, we're 7/12 25-man and 11/12 10-man. We raid Wed-Fri 7 pm - 11 pm AEST, if you're interested head to our site, guildpanic.com
Hi Tÿph

<Remnants> 2/13 Heroic 25man on Dreadmaul has a spot open for an exceptional hunter such as yourself.

We raid Mon / Wed / Thur / Sun - 8pm -> 12am

Check us out at www.remnantsguild.com
or contact me ingame.

Recruitment thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2112233998
We're LF a hunter - pls check us out @

1. Our Advert in WOW Forums: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1083318784

2. Our Website: http://www.litanyoffury.net

Alternatively, you can create a toon on our server and contact Saingau, Miarose, Zeldee.
So he transferred over and raided with us for a week, collected a few pieces of loot then transferred off the server without even saying anything.

Quality player.
So he transferred over and raided with us for a week, collected a few pieces of loot then transferred off the server without even saying anything.

Quality player.

So your guild claims achievements post content asif your actually a decent guild. I think it was the blind misleading the blind in this one.

Quality guild.

@op, if your sincerely looking into a decent guild go to wowprogress.com and check w.e guild has your progression needs, more info into times etc etc

although considering respeccing after the AiS nerf is lol.
<Divine Heresy> Is a 25 man Australian guild based on the Blackrock-US Alliance Realm. We are currently looking for ALL exceptional players to progress through HM content. We have a High demand for any players that can hold 18k-20k dps single target. While also looking for 1 x Holy Pally & Disc Priest

High Priority
Enh Shammy
Disc/Holy Priest
Holy Pally

Blackrock is currently the #1 ranked server in the US in progression
Progression: 12/12 & 2/13 Hm's (Halfus & Chim)

Raid Times/Days: Wednesday and Thursday @ 7pm AEST - 12am AEST (12am ST - 5am ST)

Website: www.divineheresy.guildlaunch.com - Make an application if you feel like DH is the guild for you!

Contact: lumiiniwow@gmail.com - Contact me via email or real ID, I would be happy to set up a vent interview instead of a formal application.
<SOS> 2/13HM 25 Man: If you can raid 8pm-12ST Wed-Thur-Sun-Mon then go to:-www.soswow.org and fill out the app! Get your foot in the door for some amazing people who can laugh and still pull off server firsts.

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