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There are pets listed for auction. I tried to sell a pet but don't know how to get it in the auction. Please help...
The pet cannot be used, or bind on pickup (for example, you cannot sell a pet you got from a quest, or from a collector's edition of the game; you can sell pets that you have purchased from vendors, usually, or pets that drop from mobs, but not if you have already "learned" the pet from that purchase or drop). Other than that, it works the same way as selling anything else, just drag it into the sale window.
First go to your local auction house

Make sure you have the Non-combat pet you wish to sell in your inventory

Go to an auctioneer and right click

You want to select the option Auctions

Click and drag the pet you want to sell into the auction item box

then simply create a start price and buyout price

then click create auction

now that non-combat pet is out in the auction world to hopefully be bought
I guess that means that I can't go out and tame a pet and sell it in the AU.

So now I have 3 tallstriders, how can I get rid of 2 of them?
Hunter pets aren't items, so you can't sell them. Companion pets are the ones you may sell because they are items prior to learning them. Of course, they can't be soulbound.

To get rid of a hunter pet, make it your active pet, then right-click its portrait and choose abandon. This will get rid of it permanently.
Thanks everyone..

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