Best professions for DK in arena?

Hey guys, I've recently pretty much maxxed out everything i can do on this toon, just need the weekly stuff so I decided to roll a DK (cause they pretty much eat me as a shadow priest) ;p

anyways. I'm engineering on my priest, and mining. I know mining is pretty worthless, the stam doesn't buy me much since i stack dps (and enjoy double dps teams). anyhow on my DK ill be with a holy pally though, and I'm considering the following professions:
jewelcrafting, enchanting, or engineering, or maybe herbalism. but im not sure what the best 2 are!

if anyone has already sat down and tried to math this out, let me know. after looking around on arena junkies there was no thread about it, but im sure people out there know.
Pretty sure it is BS + JC.
How bout the Nerf Bat to Da Skull! You guys are insanely OP ATM.
Where I once crushed DK's, I now find myself struggling harder than ever now.
no crap. if you cant beat em join em. thats what im doing, rofl. now tell me what profession are best to chop your face with!
I'm doing inscription and haven't decided on the second yet, with my dk.

I'm alchemy/herbalism on my druid (the one I'm posting on) which gives you a nice trinket (the one I'm wearing) and an everlasting flask that adds 80 to your highest stat and works in arena. (So I have an extra 80 agility) The lifeblood skill from herb isn't much to write home about, the heal is super small, and the haste for cat form just makes my energy regen a little faster. I imagine it might be better for someone using a 2h.

But inscription can make themselves awesome super powered shoulder enchants, so I'm doing it for that. We'll see what the second ends up.
Engineering is really good for the glove tinkering. Enchanting for the extra chant too rings. Herbalism is good for the haste (faster runes) haste is good for unholy btw. But I'm redoing my professions too engineering chanting.

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