Bug in black temple instance can't go summit

Bug Report
Yesterday i have done a black temple run with PUG but i got out after the illidari council. So my instance lock say: black temple 8/9 boss defeated illidan stormrage available.
So i take a couple of friend today and go to beat up illidan when i enter it say that:

You have entered an instance already started. If a boss is defeated you will be saved to the instance: black temple 9/9 boss defeated. (accept button)

so i think to myself bah if i beat him all 9/9 will be defeated. So i talk to the spirit of olum to be warped to the chamber of the illidari council. I get to the door to the summit and.....DOOR IS CLOSED, no akama in front of the door, so can't start the cutscene to open the door and can't go fight illidan. Anyone had something like this happening? What should i do, or is there something i DIDN'T do to get akama to the door???? Thanks for the answer
The flex-lock system doesn't apply to Burning Crusade raids, Classic raids, Naxxramas or Ulduar.

Someone else from your group got the same idea before you did.

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