Any Clever/Funny Male Blood Elf names?

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I need a Funny or clever name for a MALE Blood Elf Paladin im going to make.I've thought of a lot of kinda funny names like Rainbowbrains but the s won't fit and then it wouldn't really sound as good.I thought of Drrainbow,Plzkillphil(It's sorta an inside joke with people who've seen Dude,Where's My Mount on Youtube)and a few other lame ones.
Usually im more creative with name making,but my brains full of School stuff and at this point im too lazy to think anymore(googling really didn't help either) i just wanted some creative,witty,clever suggestions for names. :)

P.S.-The name doesn't have to be race or class specific.
02/23/2011 2:51 PMPosted by Clata

Or Nottehhair
This thread will end well.
02/23/2011 2:52 PMPosted by Allynn
This thread will end well.
I once saw a Blood Elf Pally named Nerfbait. Or wait...that one was female (so hard to tell sometimes).
I would name mine James if its available.
Ellefain...not clever but famous (If you know who Drizzt is)
2 of my favorites that I've seen are "Bread" and "Nedflanders"

Failing that, there's always Deborah.

PullMyHair / YankMyHair


02/23/2011 6:41 PMPosted by Scathelock

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