disc priest VS. holy priest

I am a new healer and i was wondering which is better for healing a raid and or what the pros and cons are of each spec... I ask for your help and thank you for your time and input...
Just play holy, the second disc becomes viable they just nerf it to hell.
Disc owned Holy in wotlk. Both are good nowin cata. I personally prefer holy.

Disc is probably easier because you have fewer choices to make underpressure.

Holy probably presently has more potential in fights where there is no disc buffed gimmick.
Holy wins in dungeons at higher levels, at lower levels... it's kind of a toss up. Disc isn't what it used to be, that's for sure. Still usable but it's not the spec I fell in love with. Having said that, it all comes down to healing styles. I find holy is better in cata because there's more spells to handle each situation. I find as a disc sometimes the lack of spells is... a challenge. The limited aoes is very, very painful. Also having said that, I still prefer disc because I like having three buttons to push. >.> I am a creature of habit and one that is a button masher. I say this with no shame.
Holy has amazing throughput if played right. We are raid healers, this is where we excel. Disc is for damage mitigation. Because of the shield nerfs and more so in 4.1, that is a little more difficult now. Some people have been experimenting with Atonement/Smite healing in PvE (cant use it in PvP) to compensate while others are shielding or using barrier when large AoE damage is expected. Ultimately, just find out what you feel most comfortable with AND fits in with your raid composition. If all you have is druids and shamans, roll disc. If you have all holy paladins, go holy.
Well I can't vouch for holy spec for I haven't rolled it.....yet. I can say that in a 5 man disc is still alright. The atonement healing can be fun and decently mana efficient. It's also nice to have another person adding to the dps. (I have hit 8.5k dps as my highest on a heroic boss while healing the entire fight) But with that being said, I see the atonement being an absolute waste in a raid unless you are specifically healing the melee as an off heals. I will be rolling Holy soon because of the inability to raid heal with atonement. Holy pallys heal tanks, disc cannot compete with that. Unless Blizz gives us our shields back then Holy is the way to go. Hope I helped at least a little.
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Nobody likes a disc priest.

I played Disc in Wrath (different toon) and am playing it again on this fresh 85... less flash heal more greater heal took a bit of getting used to, but I'm good now.

Will probably give Holy a try whenever I get around to dual speccing, but for now Disc has done me well in the new heroics and in my first week of raiding.
i love the people who are saying holy beats disc in heroics at higher gear levels.

i can save people from stupid so ridiculously easy as disc that heroics are a major yawn. btw, with the holy-fire atonement healing, i can now faceroll heal heroics WHILE sustaining a steady 7k dps.

in raids, holy is faceroll - PoM, renew, CoH, PoH, and shield when people need to run...help out with a heal or Gheal if you have time/mana to spare

disc in raids is full of choices and lots of paying attention - preshielding as many people as possible before the AoE and guess at how many times you can sustain that before your mana runs dry. drop PW:Bs at the right times in the right places. 3 extra short CDs to manage (inner focus, archangel, and power infusion). Throwing PS on the target BEFORE they drop to 10% hp and it becomes worthless (unlike GS)
Can I say something? You're all talking about healing heroics and raids...when the person who asked is level 35.

@Angelofhope: At your level it doesn't really matter, both specs are pretty viable as the other. I think you should just choose the spec you enjoy using the most.
I'm a dedicated Disc priest...

...except now I'm Holy. >.<
Not tried holy yet but , I'm finding healing as disc priest in Cata very hard to keep multiple people topped up in raids aka AOE minor healing.
Glyped PoH is awesome but will make you go oom fast if used without inner focus and normal Heal is way to slow for inc damage on some fights.
So used to spamming flash heal in those situations but that is a bad bad idea as a disc priest these days lol.

Single target tank healing np at all.

Party healing can b challenging just because of the high mana pools and if i spam greater healing on that DK who is taking 60k dmg alot; i go oom very very fast.
Hopefully it'll get better with gear more haste will make minor healing with Heal alot easier me thinks.

Used to raid as holy in WotLK, i really enjoyed it and will be going back to it again when i get sick of disc heh.

Hopefully it'll get better with gear

It will... my 2 trinket upgrades in the last couple days have made the biggest difference for me in terms of AoE heals. Having over 100k mana is pretty sexy and popping PI for those moments makes it easier in ZA/ZG for those nasty PW:B moments.
I used to love disc as well but since cata i am now holy. I prefer holy now and have shadow as off spec.
Both Disc and Holy have their place in raids. Disc has some amazing CDs that can help on pretty much every fight. Damage mitigation via shields is always good. Holy has the advantage of better raid healing through CoH, PoH and Sanctuary where Disc is a solid tank healer/dmg mitigator with the use of Penance and Shields.
PvE = Holy for sure. PvP = Disc.... thats how ive done it.
They both great specs honestly. I've played both a lot, and did not find either one superior.
For instances, they're both about equal.
For raiding, Tank healing is disc and AoE healing is holy.
For PvP... disc unless you're doing AV (and even then it's questionable).
My priest is holy/disc. I find that both specs are fully viable in both heroics and raiding. That being said, I like the feel of holy more.

As for leveling, I leveled as holy but that was back in the days of vanilla. I hear mixed reports on leveling as holy or disc since the last few patches. Mixed reports generally means they both are viable. I'd say figure out which style you like most and level that way so you get used to that style of healing. Holy is a large variety of spells with a nifty mechanic for changing between single target and aoe healing (Chakras are cool). Disc is all about the damage mitigation with a less robust selection of spells and primarily used for single target healing but viable for group damage in 5 mans.
A lot of people compare Holy and Discipline based on raid healing, and they both raid heal quite well. Something to consider with Discipline is the tank healing aspect. Disc is quite amazing at tank healing in a raid environment. PW:S mitigation alone puts it at a competitive level with other healing classes on tank healing.
I did lev 15 - 30 as holy and then switched to disc and from that, disc is a ton more fun to play. I'm going to dual disc/holy eventually I assume but feel no need for anything but disc. DPS'ing to heal is hellafun.

I also only recently started this toon so I'm not too used to 30 sec duration on PW:S. it almost seems excessive to me...

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