Ret pally expertise/hit cap/Dps rotation

Hi, was wondering how much expertise and hit we need? Also wat do we stack most now mastery, haste? and should I be reforging for it. Also what is the dps rotation now to maximize dps?
26 expertise min, 33 exp soft cap, 54 hard cap. I don't even have to try to get exp capped so it's not something to think about. Generally, you can reforge away from expertise once you're in all 346 and be fine.

8% hit. Always no matter what, no more no less.

Stack Strength > Mastery > Crit. (IIRC -- doing this from pure memory.)

Edit: Forgot rotation info...

First-come-first-serve rotation. Just use whatever's off CD. If two or more are coming off CD at the same time, conflict resolution is as follows (again IIRC):

TV (3 HoPo) > CS > Exo > HoW > Judge > HW > Cons

Always keep Inq up. Use your 3 HoPo on Inq if you're under about 5-7 seconds left on the buff.
02/24/2011 4:41 PMPosted by Baradier
26 expertise min, 33 exp soft cap, 54 hard cap.

26 expertise is the dodge cap, which is what you want to achieve as a ret paladin. Your best bet is to use the Seal of Truth glyph for 10 expertise and gear for the other 16. Beyond 26 expertise, there is no return provided you're positioned behind the boss (which is where you should be anyway).

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