<Umbrella Corporation>is currently recruiting

<Umbrella Corporation> is currently recruiting players of any level. We are a casual guild, Filled with friendly people who are willing to help players level. We are also trying to get enough people to start 10 men raiding. We are currently a level 14 guild and we are trying to level the guild to get numerous perks, to assist our lower members in the field. So if you are interested by our guild please contact Namisan or Supersasian
We hope to see you all soon!
Namisan – Guild Leader
Beat me to it :)
Another hunter as head of a guild, gotta love it! If you folks are interested we could set up an alliance(or fold into us ;-) ) We have a few more people, 290 toons and 109 accounts, and raid on Saturdays and when we get enough interest maybe even a weekday night. Check out our website, send me an email below or pst me in game.

Guild site is godfathers.wowstead.com
Email is godfathersofwow@hotmail.com

Thanks, but we're not looking into merging or anything. We used to have quite a bit of people but stuff happened and now we're kind of starting anew.
Ok, so what about an alliance? We have a guild we are allied with and we run raids on their raiding night, and then one for our night. If we need resources for your, ours or theirs we should have plenty between the three of us. Of course this may mean that not all your raids will be guild runs, but if you're also into seeing content it's a great way for folks to do them.

Just thought. Will be happy to take it offline in game sometime.


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