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What is going on here? this is really started to piss me off to the max. Every time i enter pvp combat i start lagging no matter what my latency was before i instantly jump up to the red. If i duel someone, most times i wont even see the count down everyone will start running in place and next thing i see is that i lose the duel. In bgs i can be find i charge something on my warrior or try to attack and people are miraculously out of range while right in front of me, than they start running in place. What is going on? this is strictly pvp and its frustrating. Going from 200 latency to 2000 is not fun when im trying to pvp
Same here started about 4 days ago. i delete my cache , wtf, and interface and it's still happening. GM told me to submit my files which i did and never got a answer.
It's happening to everyone there are multiple threads on it. It sucks, blizzard isn't saying anything directly about it. It is clear its happening to a large amount of people but blizzard continues to treat it like it is a one-time thing fluke that's only happening to a couple of people.
I just noticed it tonight, decided to queue for bgs havent done them in a while, and it was like stop go stop go, like the game was hiccuping.

Between this and the fps issues I am about to quit I cant play worth a darn anymore. Latency is fine the highest I ever get is in some areas of northrend they can spike but normally I sit at 78 to 85 home and world lat no matter where I am in the game. FPS and the game or server acting like it stopping and going is getting out of hand.

Maybe its the lag macros being spammed by other players that is causing this issue /shrug
I went one step further and reinstalled the game. Guess what, i'm getting lagging here and there. Not so bad in instances. But bg's terribad. I don't know what else to do.
Lots of people are having this issue since the latest patch. Disabling your sound ingame seems to help. It worked for me. I know doing bg's with no sound is pretty crappy but until blizz or someone figures this one out, it seems to be the only option.
Well a blue post or anouncement of any kind would be great.

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