UI, the Rogue's Silent Partner

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First off, get a move tracker of some sort. Class Timer, Needtoknow, Eventhorizon, and so on. Look around on curse and see what appeals to you

Secondly, download move anything. This will allow you to move your player frame, target frame, and so on. Find a spot you like. I suggest lower center myself.

Thirdly, if you don't like the way it looks basically, or it has a function missing you want, I suggest downloading a unit frame addon, such as Shadowed Unit Frames or Pitbull.

If you have issues setting it up, see if theres someone more knowledgeable in your guild. barring that, you can make a lvl 1 and Ill give you the rough of it.

Thank you very much. :)

Edit: And thank you too Caera. Such pros. T_T
Atlas Loot
MiksScrollingBattleText (MSBT)
VuhDo (raid frames)
Atramedes (raid sound/corruption monitor)

These are a few of the macros I use to consolidate similar abilities so that I need fewer keybinds and less screen space for my abilities.

#showtooltip [combat] Vanish; [nocombat] Stealth
/cast [mod:shift] !Stealth
/cast [nomod, combat] Vanish; [nomod] !Stealth

Vanishes in combat, Stealths OoC (spammable, will not accidentally de-stealth), and allows me to spam stealth as I'm leaving combat w/ shift as protection against using Vanish accidentally)

/cast [@focus, help, nodead] Tricks of the Trade; [@targettarget, help, nodead] Tricks of the Trade; Tricks of the Trade

Looks for a friendly, living focus target to Tricks, next a friendly, living target of your target, or just casts tricks and lets you pick your target

/cast [mod:shift] Redirect
/castsequence [@focus, exists] reset=20 Redirect, Kidney Shot
/cast Redirect

First press Redirects to your focus, second Kidney Shot. With shift will Redirect to your target if you don't want to hit your focus, or if you don't have a focus will redirect to your target without need of shift.

#showtooltip Blind
/cast [mod:shift, harm, nodead] Blind;[@focus, harm, nodead] Blind; [@target, harm, nodead] Blind

Will Blind a living enemy focus, or living enemy target without a focus, or living enemy target if you have a focus with shift.

Sap (PVP)
/cast Sap

Clears your target, targets the nearest enemy and Saps

Kidney Shot/Gouge
/cast [mod:shift] Gouge; Kidney Shot

Casts Kidney Shot or Gouge with shift. Will also start autoattacks even if you don't have the energy/combo points for the ability. Gouge will turn off autoattacks.

Assassination Macros

/cast [mod:shift] Backstab; Mutilate

Mutilates or Backstabs for below 35% with shift. Will also start autoattacks even if you don't have energy for the ability

/cast [mod:shift] Rupture; Envenom

Envenoms or Ruptures when you need to reapply with shift. Will also start autoattacks even if you don't have the energy/combo points for the ability

Sub Macros:
#showtooltip [mod:shift] Eviscerate; Ambush
/cast Premeditation
/cast [mod:shift] Eviscerate; Ambush

Ambush or Eviscerate with shift for Shadowdance. Will also Premed if off CD

Garrote/Cheap Shot
#showtooltip [mod:shift] Cheap Shot; Garrote
/cast Premeditation
/cast [mod:shift] Cheap Shot; Garrote

Garrotes or Cheap Shot with shift. Will also Premed if off CD

/cast [mod:shift] Hemorrhage; Backstab

Backstabs or Hemo with shift for the buff or if you're stuck in front of your target. Starts autoattacks even if you don't have energy for the ability.

/cast [mod:shift] Rupture; Eviscerate

Eviscerates or Ruptures with shift. Starts autoattacks even if you don't have energy/combo points for ability

Shadowdance/Premeditation/Smoke Bomb
/cast [mod:shift,stance:3]Shadowstep;[stance:3] Premeditation;[mod:shift,stance:1/2] Premeditation; [mod:shift, stance:0]Smoke Bomb;Shadowstep

Shadowsteps unstealthed/stealthed/vanished, smoke bombs while unstealthed with shift. Premeds with shift while stealthed/vanished. Premeds during Shadowdance or Shadowsteps with shift.

For reference in macro building, the following numbers correspond to the item slots for /use # (like synapse springs or trinket slots) macros or /equipslot # (like weapon swap) macros:

0 = ammo
1 = head
2 = neck
3 = shoulder
4 = shirt
5 = chest
6 = belt
7 = legs
8 = feet
9 = wrist
10 = gloves
11 = finger 1
12 = finger 2
13 = trinket 1
14 = trinket 2
15 = back
16 = main hand
17 = off hand

Rogue stances for macros that you might want to behave differently depending on what stance you're in are:

stance:0 - Untealthed
stance:1 - Stealth
stance:2 - Vanish
stance:3 - Shadowdance

Rogue Power Bars
Titan Panel

Also running PlayerScore, Recount and Gatherer for add-ons.
For those asking about my UI, it's Tukui, modded by Elv.
The precise pack is Elv's UI.
( http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=17749&so=&page=3#info )

I'd suggest you turn ALL your addons off and then load this in, the rest is completely customizable from there.
Caera, i would strongly recommend you re-post your last several posts into a new thread, i think they may easily be sticky worthy, but will likely get buried within this thread.

I want to say Needtoknow

If I were to guess, I'd say the same.


Can anyone tell me what Snezy uses for the tracking of rupture/Evenom/SnD in this picture? I've seen so many UI's with it and I want it! But haven't had anyone tell me the name of the ad don. Would be really helpful!

pretty sure thats rogue power bars

Confirm. It's RPB.
My ui...


Minimalist to the core. I'm rocking the old school SpartanUI. Fell in love with this UI way back when, and ended up getting so comfortable with it that I can't really use anything else =/

Power Auras Classic
Chatter(for looking at links people send me)
Only mods I run with.

*Edit* A few macro's that came to my attention substituting for addons would be listed below.
/use [button:1] Mind-Numbing Poison; [button:2] Crippling Poison; [button:3] Crippling Poison
/use [button:1] 16; [button:2] 17; [button:3] 18
/click StaticPopup1Button1
This helps me set up my posions very quickly left clicking the tooltip puts mind numbing on my mainhand. right clicking it puts crippling on my offhand, as well as middle mousing it applying crippling to my throwing weapon. For Pve You would just substitue the posion names for button:1, 2 and 3.

To track diminishing returns have my cheapshot and kidney shot tied in with a stopwatch
#showtooltip Kidney Shot
/cast Kidney Shot
/sw 25
/sw play
Cheap shot is basicly the same thing but to /sw 22 instead of 25, and garrote is 15 I believe only downside is this would only track only stun or scilence one at a time. But either way that's what gladius is for.

Update from last week
To save keybinds can macro moves together for example shiv and throw to be on the same keybind
/cast shiv
/cast throw

Also kick works uniquely as a way to save keybinds between kick and focus kick
/cast kick
/cast [target=focus] kick
That will kick whichever your facing your target or your focus. However, if they are stacked ontop of each other It can complicate things so I hit my actual specific focus kick bind. This helps reaction timing a bit.

Also a mouseover Shadowstep macro can situationally help you out alot. For example, if there's a pet or water elemental by the pillar/box you can just mouseover sstep and make it to the box. (If you don't have a mouseover this macro will just shadowstep your current target)
#Showtooltip Shadowstep
/cast [target=mouseover,exists] Shadowstep; Shadowstep
Bump for good information. Vote to sticky for Caera's hard work.

That's it, quite simple - majority of abilities as shift-modifier macros. Add-ons include:

Bartender 4
Omni CC
Prat (chat add-on)
tip tac - tooltip add-on
I have a cast bar add-on but that's entirely up to the end-user in what they like

Elv's, Power Auras Classic (the eye in the middle appears when the mob is at 35% health), Sexy Cooldown, some other stuff

Just the basic stuff... Dominos, SUF, classtimers, Parrot, WIM, Tidy plates...
I really like this post. Appreciate the helpful macro's & information. However the Sap(PVP) macro does not work? Or maybe I'm just misunderstanding it:

Sap (PVP)
/cast Sap

When I use this I'm never able to Sap, it just clears my target? Please explain.
I really like this post. Appreciate the helpful macro's & information. However the Sap(PVP) macro does not work? Or maybe I'm just misunderstanding it:

Sap (PVP)
/cast Sap

When I use this I'm never able to Sap, it just clears my target? Please explain.

It works, or, it should work. So long as you copied those four lines exactly as they are there you should have a working macro.

What it does is, clears whatever target you may now have, if you have one, seeks for an enemy player to target, if it finds one, targets it and casts sap, every time you press it.

I was also given this variant on that macro which I'm told is a little easier on your FPS if you get overly spammy with it, I haven't had time to play with it myself yet, but here it is:

#showtooltip Sap
/console targetNearestDistance 10.000000
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/console targetNearestDistance 41.000000
/cast [harm,nodead] Sap

Taken from here:

Edit: Thank you, and you're welcome, I'm working on a large-ish update so anything people want to see, I'm welcome to suggestion.
Ah that other macro works for me, weird? Maybe I copied yours incorrectly, oh well.

tidy plates has a nice combo point system built in it
Then you have the big daddy of them all, Power Auras, it's a very powerful add-on that will track/alert you to just about anything you can think of, so long as you program it right, or find a handy script to import. Sauceboss provided an entire list earlier in this thread of great imports.

Sorry to bother, but is Sauceboss's post gone? I can only see the bits you've quoted Caera. I really like his UI and was hoping to replicate some of it.

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