[H] 10M Forceable Entry - Azshara 10/12

Guild Recruitment
Forceable Entry is Recruiting 1 restoration druid or holy priest for 10 man raiding. We are currently 10/12 with al'akir and nefarian left. This group started really raiding about 2 weeks ago when I created the main core. We have built this group from the ground up and all of us have been raiding since original and know how to play. We are looking for a skilled healer who is ready to get into heroics as well as make some good pushes to realm first kills for 4.1 content. We raid T TH SU 7-11 Central time. You can log on to azshara server and talk to soulflay, zilenarai, skeetawop, or warhaven.
Soulflay why would you re roll a shammy when you were a perfectly good priest!? is this craig

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