Any [H] RP guilds accepting goblins?

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I suppose this will also serve as a bit of an update on the state of the KM Co - we've become a multi-server goblin RP hub rather than an in-game RP guild for various reasons. So while we're not recruiting in game, we're still accepting goblin RPers on our forums for some forum RP, etc. It should be noted that the usual slap-stick style "lawlmoney!!moneymoney!" sort of RP is typically not what's played out on the forums, as many of our members delve into much grittier and complex subjects, just as an FYI

AND that brings me to this question: Because the KM Co. is now a goblin RP forum rather than in-game RP guild, are there any non-slapstick Horde RP guilds that accept goblin members? I've nothing against slapstick style RP but it's not what I typically "go for" when I develop a character. That's not to say I don't love a bit of silliness ;) (Viyk here has a quirky obsession with cupcakes and unicorns) but I do, admittedly, enjoy some pretty "srsfase" topics and RP stories over slapstick.

I'd like to find Viyk here a Horde RP guild that would suit him ICly, if one exists. He's a shadow priest, he's a bit grim and laconic most of the time, former slave/Enforcer of Booty Bay, but he's also not BRAWREVILDESTROY and rather than being zany, he's got a very dry, weird sense of humor.

OOC-wise I'm a pretty casual player. I play a few hours a week, don't mind running smaller dungeons (I've no plans to do raiding however) and enjoy BGs.
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I'd like to find Viyk here a Horde RP guild that would suit him ICly, if one exists. He's a shadow priest, he's a bit grim and laconic most of the time, former slave/Enforcer of Booty Bay, but he's also not BRAWREVILDESTROY and rather than being zany, he's got a very dry, weird sense of humor.

If I may blow our own horn, give The Shadows Embrace a look.

Incoming boilerplate spam!

The Shadows Embrace is a dark-themed guild of people who profess to be dedicated to the support of Queen Sylvanas Windrunner in the face of the unwarranted and ill-advised prejudice of Thrall and his puppet, the Warchief Garrosh. Primarily composed of Sin'dorei and Forsaken, we attempt to supply Her with the information and resources to carry out Her Will

((Not to put too fine a point on it - we're spies. We cheat, steal, poison, infect, and assassinate at the direction of our Guild Mistress, who is a trusted - if sub rosa - agent of the Dark Queen. Many of our Sin'dorei served under Sylvanas Windrunner during her life, and remember that it was Her influence and assistance that saved our race from exploitation and anhilliation from the Alliance)).

We welcome people who:

* Play their characters IC most of the time
* Respect lore, but not in a restrictive way.
* Don't object to the occasional OOC raid/dungeon
* Sometimes enjoy engaging in World RP/PVP
* Are creative and mature
* Whose grasp of grammar compels them to use words, and not abbreviations
* Whose idea of characterization and RP is not confined to profanity or ERP
* Have adult (yes, we're 18+ only) lives and responsibilities outside the game.
* Are active participants in forums, plot-lines, events, and other things which enhance enjoyment of their RP
* Have an excellent sense of humor tempered with courtesy and consideration.

If you think you're a good fit, please register and apply at:

Viyk's not much interested in espionage politics, assassination (he gave that up when he became a priest) lying or cheating. He's pretty neutral about the whole Garrosh/Sylvanas conflict. His brand of brutality towards enemies tends to be of a disciplined and straight forward sort. But thank you for the info anyway.

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Gotta say that For Her Tallest is pretty damn good. It might be just what you're looking for.

In essence its a group of goblins looking to overthrow Gallywix in favour of Boss Mida. There's a whole lot more to it, but you can see that at our forums.
I'm not sure it would be a good fit ICly, though I appreciate the offer. I'm looking for an RP-heavy guild (rather than a guild that is RP optional) that doesn't have a really zany goblin theme. Though I've heard good things about your guild, I'm actually trying to stay away from goblin-only guilds right now.

Again, Viyk is not a very political guy, and he has no interest in any Cartel dealing, Mida or Gallywix or Steamwheedle, period. Which is why I'd like to keep him away from goblin-centric RP guilds and branch him out into a more general RP guild setting.
Perhaps it would be better to start your own guild, then? It's probably the better option if you're looking for something to fit your character rather than having your character fit them.
I just stepped down from being the GM of KM Mercantile Company X3 I've NO desire, time or energy to run another RP guild.

I should sum up my needs in a more simplified list, as my wants are really not all that specific or specialized:

Not interested in goblin only guild

Prefer more (overall) serious RP to slapstick

Prefer RP heavy guild

Do not want a chaotic-evil or neutral-evil guild, would prefer neutral, neutral good or chaotic good

Character not really suited for a "political upheaval" organization. "Support the Horde, support your clan" whatever is fine, but "espionage to overthrow certainleader/faction/group" isn't anything he'd involve himself in. I would assume there are just some flat out plain old Horde clans out there that <_< do usual Horde supportive things rather than constantly try to overthrow leaders? Unless the trend has really swung far away from what it used to be in past years.

Looking for an RP guild that allows for several races, including goblins

Looking for a fairly active RP guild that allows for OOC casual play style
I was going to post but it seems some of our hooligans beat me to it.

Best of luck finding a guild and regardless of where you end up you can always hang out with us at events!

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