Extreme lag and DC's at night with Comcast

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So guys i've using comcast for quite a while, but i the last few day at night(mostly around 10 pm EST) i get major lag and dcs for the whole night, is anyone using comcast having the same issue ? if not what can i do to fix this :( thanks in advanced
I had a Belkin router, thing constantly made me DC and run slow.

I upgraded to a NetGear and I have not had a disconnect yet, and the speed had increased a ton.
I'm on comcast and am experiencing some crazy lag right now too. 300ish is best. Spikes up to 1k and DCs. What area are you in?
Same issue. I have comcast cable. Its perfect during the day, but at night i am expiriencing terible lags, DC's and packet losses. I know that there are lots of comcast users with exactly same problem and there is no solution (hopefully) yet. I don't know what to do. Maybe switching to other provider is the best choise for all of us.

Just noticed that thread is dead (found it in google when i was looking for some info about this problem). Whatever.
I am having the exact same issues. Mine start around 8-9CST and go on into the night getting worse. Ping Plotter shows a serious breakdown (for me anyways) out west in the AT&T backbone. IIRC something similar to this issue happened a couple years ago leading to a large repair on hardware at a AT&T data center. I hope they get this figured out.

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