Best class for worgen?

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07/20/2011 12:11 PMPosted by Ugotcarried
Hey guys i was just wondering what the best possible class is for worgen considering racials and all?

None. Worgens are ugly. Everything about them is ugly. I'd rather get breathed on by a female undead troll.

Hmm, could goblins be the new gnomes?

/em gets his foot ready
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Worgen warrior for sure. its great to see a gainer flip into a heroic leap
Blizzard is always making adjustments to the game to render questions like these unanswerable. If there were a class for which the Worgen racial traits were truly, substantially best, then you would find either the class or the racial abilities nerfed in the next hotfix. Balance is the goal, and it makes for the most engaging gameplay anyway.

I rolled a Troll Rogue after I read it was the least-played race/class combo in the game, some years back. And I loved it! There really is no wrong answer at the character creation screen. Play what you will have fun with!

Happy Worging!

Oh, wait...
I prefer rogue because I think that the claws means this chosen.

Now, what is the best rogue? Assassin, Combat or Shadow? I saw that shadow is interesting but I dont have idea if work in pvp.

Please inform anyone!

Isn't this a necropost? Nearly 5 months.

give him credit for knowing how to use the search feature. Also, although I don't completely understand what he is saying at times I think I get the gist of it.

*I don't play rogue often enough to advise on a spec but I'm sure there are plenty of opinions on the rogue forums. GL with your search.
Ty, I go to check it :)
I'd say hunter. The worgen racials are a sprint - which hunters do not have, useful for PvP in either pursuit or fleeing - crit bonus - which is the Marksman's best stat, and Marks is currently considered the best spec for PvE, and one of the best for PvP - and improved skinning - hunters are arguably the best skinners out there. (Track Beasts).

Off the top of my head, I know of, say, warriors, rogues, druids, death knights, and mages for worgen.
Skinning is "meh" for warriors, crit may be good for them as DPS, and sprint? On a warrior? Seems kind of overkill, y'know?
Death knight? See warrior, except they might have more use for sprints, and would have less use for crit.
Rogues would be a decent choice - they might be skinners and they probably wouldn't mind an extra sprint in PvP, while crit would be good for both PvP and E, but I'd still pick a hunter over a rogue for that, and make my rogue a night elf for the extra Shadowmeld "vanish".
Druids? If feral DPS, see rogues. Only I'd pick a night elf even more for them, because they have no type of vanish. And can they use Darkflight while shapeshifted? If caster... I don't think any caster needs crit. Might use Darkflight, but I'm not sure.
Mages? If a frost mage needs a sprint in PvP, they're doing it wrong :P Nor do they need skinning. I'm not sure about crit for them.

Basically, you want a character that can make the most use of all the traits combined. Hunters have no real sprint alternative, and while they do have several slows, their stuns or immobilizes are few and far between (unlike, say, a frost mage).
Hunters are probably the best skinners out there just for making use of Track Beasts.
Hunters in the current go-to spec love crit.
Dont do warlock im thinking in my head right now and im seeing and dam worgen in a red robe ... now thats stupid you wanna work on looks.Death knight is nice.Idk about hunter like a wolf holding a bow?I wouldnt say its bad im just saying its kinda weird
the problem i have with a worgen hunter is who gets the flea collar?
Warrior. Darkflight is really useful for getting around, and the 1% crit is great if you play dps.
there is no best class, take the flea bags back to the pound.
This thread is months old. Please don't necro old threads.
Anything but a caster. Those casting animations are HORRID.

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