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Hey i have recently have had troubles with World of Warcraft sound working. At first on one of my other server's it just randomly cut out. Then i got on my laptop it worked for a few days then. Then i got on my other computer logged on to compare speed. I logged back out then got onto my laptop and the sound would not work on my laptop please help anybody

If your sound is missing on multiple systems, please check to make sure you have sound enabled from your in-game sound options and that the volume sliders are not set to zero.

If this is only on the mentioned laptop, then lets check a few other things too.

In many cases we have seen that reinstallation of sound hardware drivers has resolved this issue and improved stability for users having sound-related problems. Your sound card manufacturer should be able to walk you through reinstallation or potentially updating your sound card drivers, and you can find more information about driver updates here:

If you are certain you have reinstalled the latest working drivers, try testing with different sound acceleration levels:
- Click the Start button in Windows.
- Select Run.
- In the text area type "DXDIAG" (without the quotes) and press OK.
- After the DirectX Diagnostic Tool has finished loading click on the Sound tab located at the top.
- Set the "Hardware Sound Acceleration Level" to "Basic" or "none" by moving the slider bar.
Technical Support
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How's my driving?
For some reason the in game music plays but when i am fighting some thing there is no noice. This has been happening for two days now where the only thing i hear from the game is the background music and no swords crashing or my character firing his bow. What needs to be done to fix this problem??

Pull up the game options and go into the sound section on the left. Look in the Volume section and make sure the "sound" and "ambience" sliders are not all the way down. These affect the noises you mentioned are missing.
Technical Support
Want to speak with someone directly?
How's my driving?

Check your G-diffuser system!
Had the same issue no sound...this was my fix!
IE this was Spots not sang saying all this he just hates typing!

after checking through all the options that was given I went to desktop right clicked on my volume control and went into options, this brings up a list of all ur sound devices, make sure everything is clicked on, and then if u left click on it will bring up a volume control options click on mixer on each device and it will have applications attached to it. Find the device that has WOW currently attached. Mine was speakers and make sure it’s not muted there because mine was. At the bottom is the mute button.

Hope this helps
Awesome Sangdelamort! That was exactly what was wrong with mine! Thank you!

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