Unholy PVE Guide (5.2)

Death Knight
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Paraphrased from EJ lol.

Great effort putting it together, but both this and the EJ guide are the same thing.
Since the dk from Ej stopped updating the fourms I will certainly keep my eye on this one!

Thank You!
Paraphrased from EJ lol.

Great effort putting it together, but both this and the EJ guide are the same thing.

If both of the guides contain factual information on a specific class; no matter how well one words it they will be similar. This does not mean its paraphrased and they will not be the same come next patch.
Looking forward for updated info in future patches (If we get changed as much as we did in Wrath!).
Overall a great guide. Perhaps add a section on what spells AMS usually works on and DS when the next patch is out. Thank you ALOT is all I can say! :)
I had DK's in my mains guild asking for help since Consider wasn't updating often. this became a little annoying as I no longer main a DK / nor do I raid much atm... lol
Well written, a bit funny at times, almost completely accurate.
A lot is parroted from Consider, but trying not to parrot Consider would be like trying to avoid Plato when talking about philosophy.
Voting for this to be a sticky. Have you sent this to Tehax on EJ?

Well-written constructive criticism.

Paraphrased from EJ lol.

Great effort putting it together, but both this and the EJ guide are the same thing.

This, you missed Gargoyle Twisting and probably a few other things of note too though. Regardless, the basics are there. I've been working on a sort of method to the madness type of guide that details the exact numbers behind Glyph choices/Gear choices (Which is relatively easy to figure out the exact math on if you have a brain) for Frost and Unholy, I'll probably post that here when I finish it up some. Or, someone else could post the math for it here since it's relatively simple to pick out.

These two posts are clearly just paraphrased from Machaera's post, with an obvious lack of subtlety and grace. I would post the math showing how arbitrary the above quotes are, but the math is super simple and anyone with a brain could figure it out, so why should I?

The other forums would be so lucky to have a guide halfway as informative, and uniquely written (i.e. friendly banter), as this one. Makes me want to play my DK toon again.
Thank you for this guide!

Can anyone point me to some more information about how / when / on whom to use Unholy Frenzy other than my Gargoyle? Should I only be using it on the Gargoyle?

I have seen another DK in my raid toss it onto a feral druid who's one of our top dpsers. He had it macro'd to yell out that he'd done so. Maybe adding that macro to your list would help?

Edit: Also, bumped for: sticky plox.
No problem Dauor.

You'll want to cast Unholy Frenzy on yourself and then draw out your Gargoyle because he inherits your stats as of when he's summoned. The macro listed for Unholy Frenzy + Gargoyle may be particularly helpful to you. It casts the 2 abilities in sequence with only one button press.

The only exception to the above would be if you are feeling really charitable and there is a talented fury warrior in your group. You could choose to give the buff to them instead since they honestly benefit [1] from the buff more than we can (their mechanics amplify 'enrage' effects).

[1] Unshackled Fury: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=76856/unshackled-fury
My deepest pardons! I've been staring at spreadsheets all day and did not read the macro closely enough. It makes a lot more sense now!

I do have a fury warrior in my raid who's been besting me in dps that I could use this on. Orrrr... maybe this will help me best HIM! hmmmm...hehe...

I found this macro with some digging. I know nothing about them, so I don't know if it's correct:

#showtooltip Unholy Frenzy
/cast [mod:shift, @player] Unholy Frenzy
/stopmacro [nomod:shift]
/target <target>
/cast Unholy Frenzy
/w %t Unholy Frenzy on you, pewpew time!

No problem. I rephrased the buff section a tad to make it more clear for weary eyes ;).

03/07/2011 5:27 PMPosted by Dauor
I found this macro with some digging. I know nothing about them, so I don't know if it's correct

I haven't tested one exactly like that in game (please do try it out and let me know if it works) but I can say for sure that this one functions nicely:
#showtooltip Unholy Frenzy
/cast [@focus,exists,help,nodead][@player] Unholy Frenzy
/cast Summon Gargoyle

If you have a 'focus' it casts Unholy Frenzy on them and Summons the Gargoyle. If you don't have a 'focus', it casts Unholy Frenzy on yourself and Summons the Gargoyle. I found this one on MMO Champion [1] a while back and it works like a charm. My favorite thing about this is that you do not have to type a specific person's name to keep the macro working (which is a common theme amongst others I've seen). At the beginning of the group, just find the fury warrior, target him/her and type /focus. They'll be set up to receive your macro should you choose (I'm suddenly reminded of Mr. Burns hovering his hand over the red button). To take them off as your focus, just type /clearfocus. The only drawback of this macro is that it doesn't do the whisper as is written.

If you find that your macro works, I will add both of these to the guide. Thanks for bringing up another good point!

[1] http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/791082-Unholy-Frenzy-Macro
To be more specific about the gargoyle, the best way to think about it is that when the gargoyle is summoned, it takes a picture of your current stats, and its stats are based off of that picture for its entire duration. It does not scale after summoning; once summoned, its stats do not change if your stats change.

Unholy Frenzy(on yourself) > Gargoyle = Gargoyle benefits from Frenzy.
Gargoyle > Unholy Frenzy(on yourself) = Gargoyle does not benefit from Frenzy.

You should use Frenzy on yourself, or on a geared/skilled Fury Warrior if one is available.
Whoa, that's good to know about the focus thing. I always keep my main tank up as my focus. I'm not sure he'd appreciate having Unholy Frenzy :/
Thank you, echoing the threads gratitude for an awesome unholy guide. sticky this please!
Simply amazing this guide. You have done well.
I'm starting now in WOW, and fell in love with DK, and when I saw this guide, I changed automatically to Unholy, simply amazing.
I'm just a little difficulty with respect to the rotation.
I am new to WOW, so I think that my difficulty is extremely noob hehe.
Well, in rotation, you said that the priority is Disease and after DT.
This is where my doubt, from what I understand, you need 5 stacks of Shadow Infusion skill to be able to use DT.
So, I can not use the TD early in the battle.
Thus, this order of priority would be to use DT whenever possible correct? Why eventually becomes impossible to use immediately after applying the diseases.
So keep the active deseases, I usually use the skills and when DT is available, the correct usage?
I await response, and again, congratulations on the guide, was very good.
Thus, this order of priority would be to use DT whenever possible correct?

Exactly Rhartz, all it means is to DT as soon as you can. Right after you apply your diseases, use your other abilities to build runic power for Death Coils. The faster you can get 5 stacks of Shadow Infusion the better, as a transformed Ghoul hits incredibly hard. Once the Ghoul has Dark Transformation, things calm down a bit; just follow the chain of importance for your other abilities as listed. When Dark Transformation expires, you repeat the whole process over again to apply new Shadow Infusions!

Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed the guide! Please let me know if the above explanation made it easier to understand that aspect of play. I'll be happy to help answer any other questions.
Relegated to the second page? I think not!

WTB More marcos

Thanks for all the hard work on the guide. ^_^
Bumping! I keep coming back to see the discussions on this thread. Please sticky!
Why is this not Sticky??????

I noticed on the JP gear that only one item has hit so I am assuming form this guide that as I get this gear I will have to reforge most of it to hit.

Why Blizzard went with no hit on this gear I just don't get.
Tyun - I have had a b!tch of a time getting to hit cap. I'd really much rather be reforging things into haste, but not enough of my gear was coming with hit on it. I'm also hoping once I'm out of blues (and my pvp pants, lol) it will get better.

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