Unholy PVE Guide (5.2)

Death Knight
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Thank you, Tyun.

If your character is wearing a lot of Justice Point or other pre-raid gear, then indeed, you may find yourself reforging some of the secondaries (like expertise, crit) into hit. Reforging for hit is considered the ideal method since it leaves your gem sockets available for strength.

If you can manage to get either version of this trinket, it's a single piece with a nice equip passive and provides a significant boost to getting hit capped. I recommend it to folks who need a 100-200 increase in available hit rating (i.e. you can use all the hit as is, or you can reforge 40% of it away into haste which is also great).
Right Eye of Rajh from Normal Halls of Origination
Right Eye of Rajh from Heroic Halls of Origination

One very important thing to note is that the 961 hit rating listed in the guide is recommended for raid bosses. That is, if you are running normal and heroic 5 man dungeons, you only need 721 hit rating since those bosses are level 87 (not 88/skull). You could, by that reasoning, aim for the 721 heroic hit cap and reforge the rest into valuable DPS secondaries like haste and mastery. You basically become optimized for running those level of dungeons instead.

I would still advise most players to aim for that 961 hit cap since it is an absolute must have for raids, but anyone who is still gearing up or just enjoys the casual 5-man dungeons needn't have as much. Hope that helps!
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I never DPSed a day in my DK life, been a tank since my very first instance run the day Wotlk came out

In my current guild I had been replacing a tank for almost a year now, but he came back so now we're gonna rotate who tanks each week, so I had to learn to DPS.

This guide and the tools mentioned within was all I needed.

In exchange for the help you may have my orange RuneCrayon. It's my favorite one.

Now Unholy Dk's can hope again!
Heartless solemnly and reverently accepts the orange RuneCrayon.
I will cherish it all the days of my life!
Good Job. Bump
Added a new macro for Death Coil to self heal, pet heal, and normal attack based on modifier keys (thanks Stigas).

Also, sticky! Good stuff!!
03/01/2011 1:10 PMPosted by Heartless
Mages get really frustrated when their sheep spasms with cooties and comes to cough in their face.

You my friend, are a genius of literature.
Grats on the sticky. This guide deserves it.
It was brought to my attention [1] yesterday that WowReforge.com has been updated. It now performs optimizations using a highly accurate algorithm [2]. I have changed my recommendation to reflect this excellent improvement.

[1] http://elitistjerks.com/f72/t120315-unholy_dps_just_act_natural_4_0_6_a/#post1893245
[2] http://elitistjerks.com/f78/t115730-java_based_optimal_rogue_reforging_calculator/p3/#post1888913
Awesome guide, very comprehensive. Appreciate whoever mentioned Scarlet Fever didn't count as a disease, was wondering whether to dump points into that.
Tyvm for this guide. ; )
Thank you very much for this guide. I was always afraid of becoming one of those DK's that just spam whatever button is available to them. Now I have a better rotation set up :)
Great post, Love the the Strangers with Candy reference! "No, no, no!" and all they hear is "Who wants cake?"
had to post it, lol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhrHZJ2pbzg&feature=related
Hey Heartless, thank you very much for picking up where Consider left off! I'm not sure if you did the math/work all new or just added onto the foundation he already had, but either way it's a great guide!

The only thing I notice it lacks is a BIS guide. I know for me personally it's great to have a list of the absolute best possible gear combination attainable out of all the gear in the game to look back at whenever I'm betting my hard earned DKP, so adding this on at a later date would be unnecessary but great if possible.
Thanks Vondan. I added a Trinkets list to the EJ version of this guide and am currently working on the BiS list. I left myself 2 extra posts here, so I may reshuffle the order and add them if I have enough room! The character limit and formatting is a little restrictive here, but I'll make sure at least one of the guides has that information :)
Update: I have included the BiS, enchants, gems, and trinkets tables via a temporary link to EJ.

I will attempt to reshuffle the guide to include simplified, post-friendly versions of these lists in the next few days :)

Well I just started with my DK but I'm looking forward to using this guide to get me where I need to be. Well done, very well done.

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