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Did we ever get a response on this idiot getting burned?

I've never seen Blue Jujitsu this ruthless in all my years post. Amazing work, Mr. Z.

Zar is quickly becoming my favorite CM. :)

Heck yea, no nonsense, to the point! Zar you rock Man!
There's a lot of new content in Cataclysm. There's also a plethora of updated content to advance the story.

Likewise, there's plenty of new content still to come in this expansion. But, we're also going to keep moving existing themes forward when the story calls for it. There were specific reasons for originally entering Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman, but those reasons by no means wrap up the story of the ancient troll empire. These city ruins still serve a major purpose in troll lore, beyond just providing new locations to gain loot.

We're moving the story of the troll nations forward, and hope you recognize and enjoy that. Hakkar and Zul'jin are gone now. Even so, that doesn't make Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman irrelevant as key locations of Azeroth.

Using the central location and updating Lore through revamping the content is a clever trick and nicely done. Is there hope that Scarlet Monastery, Stratt and Scholo may get similar treatment?

The reality is, that just because you kill an infestation, it doesn't mean that the location becomes pristine. It's a logical aspect of story progression that dark things tend to reinfest dark places.

Look at LOTR (the book, stop panicking) - in Fellowship, we are told that Sauron was driven out of Mordor, held up south of Mirkwood, was driven out by the White Council and, well, lookee here, Sauron skulked right back into Mordor. So there you have the motif in the very first modern Fantasy novel - reuse of location.

Does it really matter if the scenery is the same if the boss encounters are different? ZG is so lush, it's a shame NOT to reuse the location. However, given the size and scope, I would almost like to see it be 2 5-man instances. So many nooks and crannies to hold the melted bosses... >.>
Deadmines and Karazhan were clearly lame rehashes of Warcraft I missions with flimsy "lore" updates to justify using the same location twice in one universe. I don't know why people are shocked that it's happening again.

Oh sure, replace Griselda with an angry construction worker wearing a red mask. Don't think we can't see what you're up to.
03/01/2011 3:33 PMPosted by Lowangel
Hate to say this, but the Blue is trolling... I don't care for arguing with players, it's bad form. I'm all for revising old content, I would love to see Kara updated. However I agree with this being a major content patch, this isn't passable, there nothing really coming. Blizz has the pattern recently of being lazy, and not reinvesting enough into development. In the longer run, it's going to hurt subscriptions, players will go else where.

Really? Cause a lot of people seem to enjoy blowhards being called on their nonsense by Blues. Just because you're a paying customer doesn't mean they have to agree with posters' preposterous blabber.
Is there no new raid? What happened to Firelands?
03/01/2011 2:38 PMPosted by Zarhym
Great point. Your evidence that there was a sudden exodus from the WoW development team comes from knowing for a fact that one developer moved off the WoW team over two years ago. :)

Two years ago I think is about the time the downhill trend started..... so......
There's a lot of new tears in Cataclysm

fixed, because really that's what happens.


03/01/2011 1:44 PMPosted by Zarhym
LOL Zarhym your remaking old content thats not going foward.

"Remaking old content" is a virtually meaningless statement. And I just told you there's a distinct reason for players to go back... it's moving the story forward.

You're the one who started a thread asking for Burning Crusade-only servers. That's more precisely not going forward. :)


how did no one else except one person notice this? It was pretty satisfying

We're moving the story of the troll nations forward... and trolls are awesome.

well said
03/01/2011 3:05 PMPosted by Mavros
Just wanted to say Zarhym, you have my respect for your honest and blunt responses.

I second the motion.


Thumbs up, Z!

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