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03/01/2011 4:24 PMPosted by Hemophobia
Actually, that's a perfect example of a blue being evasive when being presented with an amazing idea.

not sure if serious.
ZG was one of the first raids I did in vanilla, and I have fond memories of it : )

It would be a shame if they DIDNT revisit old content. Theres a ton of content that many people never got to fully experience (new players, or players that couldnt always get 40 or 25 people together).

And besides, with new mechanics it can be tons of fun even if you have seen it before. Id love to see them come back to all the older content!

Zharym made fun of someone for making a legitimate suggestion in a completely different thread in order to invalidate his argument. Totally not being evasive. Right?

Made fun of? No. Point out the hypocrisy of it? Yes.


which made the argument invalid.

It isn't hypocritical if it's irrelevant. Apples and oranges.

I'll ignore the it isn't hypocritical part. I don't want to be the first person in this thread to whip out the ol' websters.

How so? Didn't want "recycled" content. A TBC server or any pre cata server is exactly that. You'd be doing the same content you did earlier on in the game.
Zarhym has earned something like 100 cool points from this thread alone, I gotta say.

And I'm personally psyched about 4.1 giving us the two troll raids back as refreshed content. If I'd had to wait any longer to curbstomp Mandokir, I would've turned into a frothing mess.

Seriously. I'm going to find him, and I'm going to trash him, and then I'm going to pin his face to some of the local architecture, and I'll end by pounding his face into it, roaring, "YOU! STOLE! MY! RAPTOR!"

03/01/2011 4:36 PMPosted by Hemophobia

not sure if serious.

Zarhym made fun of someone for making a legitimate suggestion in a completely different thread in order to invalidate his argument. Totally not being evasive. Right?

Coupla things. First, that thread was deleted. I would know, I was watching it for the lulz. Talking about actioned threads is a forum no-no.

Second, Legend there got served. His thread was griping about the "rehashing" of content and how it was super serial stale, yet demanded servers that never ever progressed. Zarhym merely pointed out the blatant hypocrisy (and delivered some deserved mockery).

So think on that a bit.
03/01/2011 1:34 PMPosted by Zarhym
We're moving the story of the troll nations forward, and hope you recognize and enjoy that. Hakkar and Zul'jin are gone now. Even so, that doesn't make Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman irrelevant as key locations of Azeroth.

When will you move forward with the gnomes or are you guys still leaving us outside in the tents....snow....think of the Gnome babies born in radiation and thrown into the cold. babies....Lifetime movie soon.
Argument: If you make BC servers, Blizzard can safely pave over content in order to move forward with the story. Old content is preserved while the current world stays consistent. All parties are happy. The result is MOVING FORWARD.

Zharym: lol noob bc is da past

Yup. Makes perfect sense. Zharym sure owned him.

This game changes.

Change is the nature of MMOs. If you can't handle it then maybe MMORPGs aren't for you. All I'm getting from the quote is you want things like level 60 onyxia. And to be honest a (probably very small) minority raided only at 60 before it was removed.
Seriously, this forums are full of people complaining about ZA and ZG coming back. I don't know how many of you actually feel that way or are just bandwaggoning on the "hate on blizz" train, but it's really annoying.

ZA and ZG will have similar maps to the old instances

Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep were brought to 85 and were completely different. Completely. Different. Completely. Different.

It is new content in the end. Also, we're getting another water themed instance, so 4.1 is bringing 3 new instances. If you try to "run it" like the "thousands of times" you've run it before, you'll get rolled. Why? Because it is completely different.

The only thing being recycled is the theme of trolls and I'm honestly happy to get something out of place. The whole surreal and relatively elemental instances were getting boring. Even if it's been run before.

They pay $15 bucks a month just like you douchenozzle. If they want to complain, they can.

03/01/2011 4:40 PMPosted by Fredegar
Zarhym has earned something like 100 cool points from this thread alone, I gotta say.

Meh, picking on a less than stellar opponent on a completely obfuscated to the public topic as far as the facts are concerned doesn't really impress me. Wouldn't mind seeing him square off against someone better spoken and who has access to the same insider knowledge of the company. Not a slight to either poster btw.
03/01/2011 4:46 PMPosted by Hemophobia
Now look who's being evasive.

I don't see that as evasive. It is true. MMOs are constantly evolving. Sure, that isn't for everyone and that is okay, but that is just the way they are.

How is lore going forward by revisiting a raid you already destroyed lol. This story must be beyond epic!

Revisiting a raid you destroyed? I don't think you know why you were originally called to enter Zul'Gurub or Zul'Aman. I don't think you know much of anything about the Zandalari or their past.

But not to worry! You'll have plenty additional lore about the Zandalari, Gurubashi, and Amani tribes to ignore in 4.1. :p

While I completely understand your frustration and do agree with you even in this post, this kind of attitude coming from a blue post on your company forum is in no way professional and has greatly lost you credibility with me. We are told as users to be constructive in our posts, which I again agree with, therefor, I expect the same respect in return.

That said, I love the idea of a rehashed ZA and ZG to run. Those that don't can always not select them to run for everything but the daily random. See situation solved.
I dont get the complaining about the zones being re-used. Of course they would be re-used, theres are actual troll cities. Trolls are one of the primary races of Azeroth. And for the most part, trolls are not the kindest race around, so of course they are gonna still be major players in the game.

I mean by that same logic, every xpac we should have new capital cities, theres no reason to keep reusing Org and SW right? Point being, ZG and ZA are cities to one of the most spread out oldest race of beings on Azeroth.

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