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Are we getting zandalar rep for the new ZG? I notice that it;s not gone from my reputation pane, but others that have been removed (the centaurs, for example), no longer show up.
They are five man's, they were good content, are still good content and I think will be fun.
03/01/2011 1:40 PMPosted by Manzarrek
Jefe, what is a plethora?

An excess of a bodily fluid, particularly blood.
03/01/2011 1:38 PMPosted by Irokain
Why do you have to remove the old raids to add the new content though? Curse of the Black Pearl wasn't pulled from the shelves at Best Buy when Deadman's Chest came out.

Did you read the blue post? No? Have you read any of the blue posts about this? No? Thought so.
I... just did. Nowhere did he say they were leaving the old one up, just that "to advance the story line, we're redoing it." Ok, so where do we learn about what happened before this "new storyline"? Wowwiki? Books? Sure as heck isn't in the game anymore.
People think that same maps = same enccounters.

Stupidity at its finest.

Yeah they should just remake ZA every year with new bosses.

What's that? People complain about the loss of classic maps and now they aren't sated enough?

Edit: actually i forgot to add two.
03/01/2011 1:36 PMPosted by Legend
LOL Zarhym your remaking old content thats not going foward.

"Remaking old content" is a virtually meaningless statement. And I just told you there's a distinct reason for players to go back... it's moving the story forward.

You're the one who started a thread asking for Burning Crusade-only servers. That's more precisely not going forward. :)
The content isn't even released yet and people are crying.
03/01/2011 1:40 PMPosted by Taugosz
There's a lot of new content in Cataclysm. There's also a plethora of updated content to advance the story.

I don't mind ZA/ZG coming back, they were a couple of my favorite raids. But I was disappointed in how much 5 man content Cataclysm had. Trying to gear up for heroics, you basically farm the same 3 instances over and over again, or just go buy PvP gear to boost your item level.

Updated content is fine, but even with SKF/DM, we've got 9 heroics, compared to 12 at the launch of WotLK, and 14 for TBC. With the way heroic grinding is these days, it's not enough.

Only 9 heroics at the launch of WOTLK, and no, do NOT calculate those in ICC.

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