Stop complaining about ZA and ZG

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Stop complaining about people complaining about ZA and ZG.

Also, I should stop complaining about you complaining about complainers. :/
03/01/2011 1:36 PMPosted by Legend
LOL Zarhym your remaking old content thats not going foward.

he said troll lore.... what part of that didn't you get.
kael is patiently waiting.

it annoy's me that thread's like this one need to be made,
simple, if you dont like the way blizzard is working, un-subscribe.

i for one and looking foward to the rebirth of my old friends,
in my opinion it makes it feel like the game is progressing, instead of just "stumbling" upon a new instance that for some reason we were unable to find for 6 years.

good on you blizzard, keep up the great work!!
I can't wait to see wuts in store for ZG and i get a shot at new mounts so i'm not complaining.

Zarhym,that's great if I actually knew the stories. I have been playing this game for 5+ years and I get no story from doing the quests or running dungeons. I get a paragraph or two of quest text that isn't related to the next quest text that I read.

I want my lore from the game. I don't want to go out and buy a book to get it. I don't want to go to Wowwiki to look it up either.

I understood everything that went on in WC3. It had a coherent storyline throughout the entire game. Blizzard has somehow lost that epic storytelling in the transition from RTS to MMO.

Am I the only one who doesn't get much actual lore and has trouble even piecing together even a slight, hole-ridden patchwork of a story?

This is my first MMO, but coming from console single player RPGs where story was force fed I tend to play this game as if it doesn't even have any sort of overriding story.

IMO storytelling isn't this games strong point. It's a lot better now (especially 1-60) but a person can only read so much nonsense quest text before giving up.
03/01/2011 1:50 PMPosted by Legend
How is lore going forward by revisiting a raid you already destroyed lol. This story must be beyond epic!

what does it matter... if they kept zg, would this even be an topic? no? they said the day they took them out they had this in mind...the way i see it, the ones who don't want it, are the whiners who are mad thekal didn't drop his tiger for them.

p.s how is staying at lvl 70, playing in arena going forward? i mean, you talk about moving forward but you sit in bc arena, and complain?
Few things:

First, people were clamoring for new deadmines and sfk quite a bit a while back, sorry if you weren’t one of the people who appreciate it, but obviously Blizzard can’t make everyone happy.

Second, it does feel like there was a disappointing amount of “normal” instances, considering they made heroics somewhat challenging and the idea was you were supposed to gear up in normal/rep gear first…. Adding jp for 85 normals was a step in the right direction but it still doesn’t change that there weren’t/aren’t many 85 normals.

Third the old gear looks stupid on an 85 (there are a couple of exceptions), I don’t need a gigantic flaming whirling flashing sword, but yeah, you’re wearing stuff that’s level 15 at 85, and it looks like it. They should have updated the models.

There's no denying that remaking old content saves work, Blizzard did a great job with the updates to old content imo, but didn't focus enough on the new content. Cat was rushed, I don't see how that can be argued, by most games standards it's still great, but it's sub par when it comes to what I have come to expect from them, and what they expect of themselves.
ZG & ZA were amazing instances. Bringing them back was the best thing I've seen so far.

People who complain about this are attention starved and, given ZG's time in the sun, I'll bet half of them never ran it as 60's. The troll story line has always been one of the most badass, period. They've been focusing on the Dwarves heavily recently and what a snooze-fast thats been.

Oh look, more rocks that became people! And this lady is a plant, and that guy is an icicle. Cool!

Blah, blah, blah, hieroglyphics, Sanskrit, archeology, golems. Do you remember how painful ulduar was? I can tell you this, I'd rather run 150 ZA/G's than 1 Ulduar.

Trolls had mojo, trolls had pizzaz. Troll bosses were not just robotic goofballs threatening us with a speak n' spell voicebox. They turned into bats and tigers, they rained fire on people, and attacked us on bears. The meanest two SOB's in all of Trolldom was arguably Jindo the Hexxer and Hex Lord Malacrass. They ruined days. The Trolls dungeons had speed-run rewards, a Fish Boss, Voodoo Tokens, Mount drops.

The Panther Boss lived in the most swank Bachelor pad the 70's ever conceived of.

The Bird Boss (whatever he was, chicken? Idk) in ZA was so badass you had change your sound settings just to get past him.

Its very evident from my masterwork of a thesis here that anyone who's coming in here to complain is bored at work. Or they weren't hugged enough today. There is nothing in the WoW more violently perfect than Troll Raids.

And above all else, they aren't completely freaking black. lets hear it for some color, huh?
First off the random troll instances make no sense for this patch or even this expansion.

Quite honestly i do not understand why they did not just retrofit UBRS, LBRS and BRD they are all near new content and could be easily explained away as being over run by the current bad ass group occupying them.

But two random troll instances WTF?

UM? UH? and the Trolls were not affected by the shattering? Mhmm, sure were!

And they are not "random" as you say. They existed as raids. Now they are 5 man dungeons.

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