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03/01/2011 7:01 PMPosted by Ahrator
zarhym i wish I could describe to you how happy that made me.

He ain't Zarhym, he didn't even capitalize your name. Hes just frontin' about being happy.
If this is all for nostalgia, just where is MC then? You bring back deadmines and shadowfang keep, and now ZA/ZG, but not MC?

If I had one dungeon I have fond and not so fond memories of, it would be this one.
Im personaly happy about bliz bring back zg, za. they where great the first time and I expect no less the 2nd time. I was really bumbed when cata came out and zg was gone. this will let me have fun in those places again.

On another note, is bliz going to bring back the orginal rare drops, (mounts, items, the idol things that where used to get the tier sets).

I personaly love getting old gear just for the looks. I would love to see a reforge process where i can upgrade old tier sets into the new ones, combine them, I dont like the looks of the new ones on any of my chars, but the vanilla and bc tiers just look amazing.
Blizzard is just bla bla bla with this topic.

You are just saving money from redesigning something rather than do something new.

Because we all can't wait for this to become EQ1 with a game world obnoxiously large and cumbersome where 7/8's of it goes completely unused/unchanged.

I applaud Blizzard for not leaving their original world to rot, while progressing the expansive lore. It's already like pulling teeth to play through Outlands and even Northrend, don't let the issue multiply.
People think that same maps = same enccounters.

Stupidity at its finest.

Is the same.... just resycling Old stuff...

in patch 4.3 you are going to see Molten Core Reborn, with diferent boss fights... and is going to be the same stuff... BORED

Right now when you get into a Heroic Random and you get Deadmines or Shadownfang Keep.. ppl leave the instance they say... is bored very long and is OLD instance trying to make somehting new but is the same OLD stuff....
Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep were brought to 85 and were completely different. Completely. Different. Completely. Different.

Completely different? Are you on crack?
Let 'em complain if they want. They play the game and pay too.

Don't read the threads (it's pretty obvious which is which) if you don't want to see it.

No the real solution is to report these threads and posts because none of them are even remotely constructive and clutter the forums and violate the forum CoC in numerous ways. They may pay to play but that doesn't entitle them to be obnoxious whiny children to do whatever they want.

Thank you for saying this. And people who constantly whine that Cata was just "recycled old stuff, sold as new stuff"... You're so friggin wrong. They've completely remade everything. *the shattering anyone??? And 4 raid instances plus a good bit of completely amazing dungeon experiences... I think that was well worth my $40. And I didnt even think of this until I heard Nyhm say it on trade chat. Yes, THE NYHM. lol. Its true, you pay for this game, but please, stop bashing them for trying to give us something to enjoy. They DO listen to us, and they DO try to make the game suit our tastes, while not conforming to our every whim.

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