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Hey, I just wrote up a heartfelt poem about these instances coming back, and you jerks are talking about math from the worst expansion to date. Why do you hate beauty? Why do you love terrible things?
Seriously, this forums are full of people complaining about ZA and ZG coming back. I don't know how many of you actually feel that way or are just bandwaggoning on the "hate on blizz" train, but it's really annoying.

ZA and ZG will have similar maps to the old instances

Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep were brought to 85 and were completely different. Completely. Different. Completely. Different.

It is new content in the end. Also, we're getting another water themed instance, so 4.1 is bringing 3 new instances. If you try to "run it" like the "thousands of times" you've run it before, you'll get rolled. Why? Because it is completely different.

The only thing being recycled is the theme of trolls and I'm honestly happy to get something out of place. The whole surreal and relatively elemental instances were getting boring. Even if it's been run before.

I pay 60 for their expansions and monthly fees,I can complain if I want to.

It took them TWO years to get this expansion out and most of it was reused stuff,now the first patch is out and its reused stuff.

Give me a break.


Wow? Really? Man doing that stuff must be extremely hard for them after seven years.

**I wont even go into the fact that they shortchanged the new alliance race on lore,AGAIN.

<---- Yes Blizz,my race still excists. Thanks for not giving into 500 pound,mouth breathing,neck beards and ignoring us.
Oh please, quit with this "reused stuff" nonesense. You didn't even have to pay 60 dollars to get any of the thousands of new quests and zones that were updated. All you had to pay was your 15$ a month.

Blizzard never forced you to buy cataclysm, what you got with cataclysm was 80-85, new races, a side profession and some new dungeons/raids. Content patches run off our monthly fee's and if Blizzard wants to bring a perfectly updated ZG into the game with new boss mechanics and lore then people should be perfectly happy. How many people here have even done ZA anyways? I bet a good majority never even RAIDED in BC or played BC.

They are giving us NEW CONTENT by lore, quests, loot, and boss mechanics. If you don't like the scenery then don't play the damn game, simple as that. Stop crying like a baby....jesus. As for your dreanei lore criticism, It's valid to a extent, we never even SEEN the blood elf or draenei faction leaders in WOTLK.

It does sort of feel like Blizzard has forgottn the Draenei.

Revisiting a raid you destroyed? I don't think you know why you were originally called to enter Zul'Gurub or Zul'Aman. I don't think you know much of anything about the Zandalari or their past.

But not to worry! You'll have plenty additional lore about the Zandalari, Gurubashi, and Amani tribes to ignore in 4.1. :p

Zarim, you remind me of the specter gunship....moves in quietly...obliterates everything in sight...leaves quietly with a smile :)
Zaryhym not for nothing, but what is being done in ZG and ZA, is nothing more than what Hollywood did with "Death at a Funeral" (2007) and "Death at a Funeral" (2010), or what TV has done with "The Office" UK version and "The Office" US version. Reskinning something and claiming to "move the story forward" without any real story, short of buying a book, is not what we have come to expect from Blizzard and the Warcraft franchise, so either you folks are resting on your laurels or you are recycling. Which is it?

There is no shame in admitting the "idea well" has run dry. Hollywood gave in to that notion decades ago, and yet people still buy tickets.

Something tells me you know nothing about the new instances... Oh wait, right you're not pointing out the story behind it, claiming that it's not new.

Am I the only one who doesn't get much actual lore and has trouble even piecing together even a slight, hole-ridden patchwork of a story?

This is my first MMO, but coming from console single player RPGs where story was force fed I tend to play this game as if it doesn't even have any sort of overriding story.

IMO storytelling isn't this games strong point. It's a lot better now (especially 1-60) but a person can only read so much nonsense quest text before giving up.

Oh man, no you got it all wrong. Warcraft's story isn't "world of warcraft" Warcraft's story is Warcraft I, II, III, world of warcraft, the novels, and the comics! As well as patch notes, and quests in the game. There is SO much lore out there and I personally, am a story-!@#@!. I LOVE stories. Its why I am in love with final fantasy games. But the warcraft story is SO good. I mean I could talk to someone for hours about Troll lore alone. Or nightelf lore. Its just awesome. Its so interesting and yes you can call me a "fan-boy" or tell me I'm having a "lore-gasm" but what the story writers do with World of Warcraft is amazing. People play this game and look at it like we need new stuff constantly. But in many good stories old threats come back to bite people in the ass.

I mean if the x-men killed magneto in issue 1 then half of it's comic would've died. But no, they have to keep that big bad guy coming at them for an epic story of good vs. evil in a world of misunderstood mutants.

Where would Batman be if he put Joker behind bars forever?
Superman without lexluthor,
Thrall without Varian???

Old bad guys NEED to return. It keeps the story rolling forward.

This is honestly the first Warcraft game I've ever played (and second Blizzard game after Starcraft), so I guess I came walking in ignorant and uninformed.

Maybe it's just me, but I thought I'd be able to get enough of the story from the game itself to be satisfied. If you have to read books (fantasy fiction is not my thing), play old warcraft (might be fun on a portable/ipad or something like that) and do online research just to get a good grip of what's going on... well, that's a little much for me.

I'm certainly not denying there's a vast and rich lore and a ton of good stories in the universe of warcraft. I'm just saying as an outsider coming to WoW from a background of offline single player RPGs I'm just not getting enough of the story (or enough of A story) from the game itself. The story is good, maybe even great (I dunno, a ton of it is foreign to me) but the in-game storytelling leaves a lot to be desired (tho Cata did make a big advance on that).
Reskinning something and claiming to "move the story forward" without any real story, short of buying a book, is not what we have come to expect from Blizzard and the Warcraft franchise, so either you folks are resting on your laurels or you are recycling. Which is it?

Just because they are reusing the locations doesn't mean the story/characters/people/lore is the same. That's like complaining every movie set in New York City is just "recycling".

Also, the complaint about buying a book isn't legitimate. There's more of story than can be told in a 1, 2, or 3 paragraph quest text (or many of those quest texts), in the same way there's more of a story than could be told in all of the Lord of the Rings movies. The fact that you don't want to go out and find out what more story that Warcraft has to offer isn't Blizzard's fault, and it sure as heck doesn't mean they're resting on their laurels.
Few things:

Cat was rushed, I don't see how that can be argued, by most games standards it's still great, but it's sub par when it comes to what I have come to expect from them, and what they expect of themselves.

It wasn't rushed, they used a same map, but with complete different mechanics, storylines, and even themes. And that, is more than what maps can offer, they're only a standing ground, what happens on it matters more.

Cataclysm is the biggest expansion from what I have seen. I have fond memories of Burning Crusade, but this one nails it, and surprised me a whole lot.

And I feel sorry if some jump to conclusions so fast, in such ignorance.

Lots of quests were broken, in old and new, many of them were end of chain quests, which made them that much more annoying.

Worgen female models weren't done at Blizzcon, slightly before release.

Many many largely advertised features were cut fairly late, and either not replaced or replaced with a shell of what they were (see path of titans, and no, I don't consider the lack of dances something major left out of wotlk).

Buggy raids, up to and including sinestra.

I didn't say this wasn't the biggest expansion, I didn't say it wasn't the best, I happen to agree with both those sentiments.

I said it wasn't ready, and I'll stick by that, based on experience from all three. Those were issues that popped into my head, give me time and I could rattle off quite a bit more. While wotlk wasn't perfect at release, it was definitely more polished.
I just dont think Blizzard can take criticism. If you dare say anything here the fanboys are on you faster then flies on crap.

I remember the only Shaman class review thing,Blizzard stopped talking to Shaman because of a few freaks who went overboard.

Blizzard has faults,we can call them on it. It doesn't mean we hate them.
03/01/2011 1:36 PMPosted by Legend
LOL Zarhym your remaking old content thats not going foward.
Your comment full of mistakes really stands out, as it is right after a blue post (and then the blue further embarrassed you by quoting it again in his reply). Is this what you want? I try to type my posts in a clear and concise manner; like any one of my posts may be read by a blue. Obviously, you don't.

Going to school- that's also moving forward. Just saying...
03/01/2011 1:44 PMPosted by Zarhym
LOL Zarhym your remaking old content thats not going foward.

"Remaking old content" is a virtually meaningless statement. And I just told you there's a distinct reason for players to go back... it's moving the story forward.

You're the one who started a thread asking for Burning Crusade-only servers. That's more precisely not going forward. :)
WOAH Burn!!
03/01/2011 1:56 PMPosted by Synergiy
they should just change the language from new to redone, because if it was truely new then we would have never seen the areas before

Redone maps maybe. I am sure the actual content and mechanics are "New"

Only 9 heroics at the launch of WOTLK, and no, do NOT calculate those in ICC.

Nope, count again. There were 12 5 mans at release of Wrath

Yep^true story
1-Halls of Stone, 2-Utgarde Pinnacle, 3-The Culling of Stratholme, 4-The Oculus, 5-Halls of Lightning, 6-Gundrak, 7-The Violet Hold, 8-Drak'Tharon Keep, 9-Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom,
10-The Nexus, 11-Azjol-Nerub, 12-Utgarde Keep

03/01/2011 2:11 PMPosted by Anabawan
I remember the only Shaman class review thing

You mean, it was the only shaman class review because Blizz moved to a different model for gathering class and player feedback? They realized the method they had chosen had flaws, deep flaws, and changed?

03/01/2011 2:11 PMPosted by Anabawan
I just dont think Blizzard can take criticism

Yes, this certainly smacks of a company that can't take criticism and hates change.

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