Frenzyheart Rep Disappeared!

I would like to do the Frenzyheart daily quests to get the rep. I previously killed Altruis the Heartless, chose the Frenzyheart and got enough rep to jack me up to Honored. Now I go to the Frenzyheart hill and there are no dailies available. I mouse over a Frenzyheart and it says I'm honored. But I look in my rep sheet and I don't see Frenzyheart. Nor Oracles, for that matter (they're hostile to me when I go there.) I killed Altruis this morning just to make sure, picked the Frenzyheart and once again, no dice. What's up?
Did you happen to do the Oracle dailies before you did the Altrius kill? I think if you did one set you can't do the other set on the same day.
They are showing up on your armory page. Are you sure you haven't minimised those reputations on the rep sheet in-game?
I haven't put the reps for either Oracles or Frenzyheart in the inactive section of the reputation sheet. ( only put them there when something is exalted and they aren't showing up there.

Okay, hit me in the head on this one, they are in the rep sheet; I just didn't expect them in a separate section for Sholazar Basin.

However, that does not change the fact that I see no quests available for the Frenzyheart. I've done this on four other toons but none since Cataclysm was released. I'm thinking bug.

I've run into the same problem as the OP. I did the Frenzyheart quests the first time but they don't open the daily quests like before when I did them on my main. Essentially I am unable to to gain more rep with Frenzy.
This is akward.. I did exactly the opposite! I switched from Frenzyheart to Oracles and now the daily quests arnt showing up.. Im hopping it will just reset tommarow and that I'll be able to start doing them. But after reading this, it seems a bit discouraging.
Once you save the Frenzyheart, hang around for a minute.
He'll offer you a quest that unlocks the dailies.
Sometimes it takes a few seconds for the ? to show up over his head.
the dailies indeed are
They've been showing up for me. I switched from Frenzyheart to Oracles two days ago. The Frenzyheart dailies had been showing up before my switch, and the Oracles dailies were still showing up as of last night.
Yarp same problem here, no quests available from frenzyheart hill despite being honored and having completed the hero's burden quest. Bug?
Still having the same issue, going from Oracles, went to the Lifeblood Pillar cave and changed my faction to Frenzyheart (honored currently) went to Frenzyheart Hill the next day and no dailies show up. Went back to Cave the next day and blue ! was over the Wolvar after killing the Lich. Faction change seems to be bugged still
I switched to Frenzyheart last night and after the reset today i still have no dailies with Frenzyheart. I am assuming that this is still bugged.
After you do the blue "pick your side" daily quest from the surviving NPC, they then have *another* (non-daily) quest available. Completing this (it's a breadcrumb back to the main camp for that faction) is what unlocks the rep-grind dailies.

If in your attempts to get it fixed, you just keep strolling in, saving the NPC, doing the "pick your side" daily (or not even doing it maybe, and just observing that he has it?), and strolling out again... there's your problem. You have to do that breadcrumb, which in turn means you have to do the prerequisite "pick your side" daily even if you don't actually need to use it to adjust your rep. (It's kinda odd that a daily is a prerequisite for a regular quest, but there it is.)

Doing the breadcrumb for one side does not count as doing the breadcrumb for the other side, if you later switch sides: you have to do that side's breadcrumb too to unlock *their* dailies. However, if you switch *back*, the breadcrumb from the first side stays complete from when you did it before, and you won't have to redo it.

And of course none of this can be done until you complete "A Hero's Burden" but it doesn't sound like that's the problem for anyone posting here.
I have done every possible quest in this zone to include the daily shown up on the oracle after killing the lich in the cave. Still no daily quests what-so-ever. There was no breadcrumb quest to go back to the Rainspeaker Canopy etc. Have these quests been taken out in 4.3?
Figured it out: You're killing him too fast. The instant one-shot from an 85 bugs the quest out. Take off your weps and punch him to death.
Agreed broken. I switched from Oracles to Frenzyheart. If I 1 shot Artruis I get a blue ! over both Zepik and Jaloot, both of which are still frozen. If I get naked and unarmed Artruis to death he controls them and I can choose to kill one. Either way, there is not additional quest to unlock the dailies. I have done each an returned the next day to see if the dailies pop. They do not. I have done both ways of killing Artruis on the same day, and come back the next to see if dailies are up. They are not. I've tested everything I can think of with no results, I am honored Frenzyheart with no way to build rep.
If you are like me and read this thread after killing the guy too fast now with no quests to raise your rep. You need to reset it by returning the next day and switching back to the 'old' (oracle in my case) rep. Then switch back again to the desired rep (Frenzyheart for me) the next day. All-in-all, you will lose out on 3 days total of dailies to 'fix' this issue.
I put in a ticket on this also. I did all of the above and I even retraced my steps to re-kill "Pitch" the lion, then, re-did the quest for Altruis. I did get a very condescending reply from a GM to my original Ticket Request.

The problem is the limited space for submitting the tickets I could not completely describe and apparently they did NOT understand that I had researched this and taken all the steps and yet it still failed to appear (the dailies) I have NOT tried the Oracle Dailies yet (gonna take it to heart to work on one side before trying the other).

The interesting thing is I kept repeating the "Recommended Steps" including killing "Pitch". And then suddenly they did open. I have been able to run through the Frenzyheart dailies twice now (fingers crossed, knocking on wood). But my point is that there IS a problem with how these dailies are initiated, and it is not JUST the players not doing what is needed or completing any research before putting in a ticket. There IS SOMETHING Wrong. But it can be worked through. I guess the real key is being insane and completing the same tasks over and over again until you DO get different results (i.e.: The quests magically appear).

I MUST SAY that other than the tone of the initial response to my ticket being condescending and dismissive, the basic information is there, they just seriously needed to re-word that response, and all subsequent responses to my replies were very polite, and seemed genuinely interested in the problem. Thank you GMs! Just please, have a little faith in our abilities and patience when getting into these "Weird" and "Unusual glitches".

I would suggest that further instructions such as here is a link to the articles in the Forums (I use WoWWikki and WoWHead a lot, and the Forums occasionally, and both WoWWiki and WoWHead were very light on any info about these glitches/failures of the quests to appear), and dropping the opening line about “BLIZZARD DOES NOT GIVE HINTS”, since nobody is looking for a hint, just to solve a problem of something in a very complicated system that does not always work perfectly.

Maybe a little education on how this does seem to be a common enough issue that there are several forum threads devoted to it. It seems to be common enough that it is not simply a matter of players not following the steps, or missing parts of the quest triggering events, but that there are some internal issues with the game that should be identified and a work around/fix developed.

BTW, I only seem to have things like this happen when I am in Northrend. IDK Y, but it just seems to happen up there to me, weird failures, glitches screen freezes (and yes PUN INTENDED).
OK. We agree. Worked on this problem on and off for a couple of weeks and the solution is simple as stated above. If you are HIGH level you will kill lich below 30 percent with your strong attacks. DO NOT DO THIS. Use weakest attacks to take the lich to 30 percent and he will chain bind the two characters (oracle and frenzyheart) and tell you to choose between them. This is where you kill the member of the group you do not want. after this just off the lich and an exclamation point will appear above the surviving character. Pick up this redundant quest and the dailies will appear. I was able to switch between the two factions 4 times with no waiting and no problems once i stopped offing the lich with my one hits (i was level 85 Gnome (ok go ahead and laugh.....I am a gnome). Hope this helps.
Also, this thread has been necro'd *multiple* times. Please make a new thread, as the beginning information (which people see first) may well be outdated.

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