Whats the best Dps Spec for a shaman now?

hey i recently started playing my shaman again and i've mostly been healing through dungeons but i have been wondering what is currently the best dps spec for shamans. please feel free to post a response with your answer and why its the better spec. thanks!
At the moment I believe enhancement has the highest DPS capability. Though thats not saying much against some other classes.

Instead of flinging wet noodles at everyone, you slap them on the face with them
lol ok thanks :D
02/26/2011 12:00 PMPosted by Groztokk
Instead of flinging wet noodles at everyone, you slap them on the face with them

You make me choke laughing. Sooooo true tho. You wanna actually do decent DPS? Go roll a different class. Not saying shammies are bad, they just can't keep up with a lot of other classes. But i enjoy playing mine, so i dont mind.
I dont know what you're talking about. I'm constantly top DPS at either 22k-24k on bosses.

Not only that, but my guild is 12/12 and geared. I still out damage those whom are more geared than I am.

Maybe you're doing it wrong...
Shaman dps is fine.

If you are saying it is bad based on worldoflogs or stateofdps, then you better check yo self.

these sites dont account for buffs like dark intent, that benefit every other class tonns more than it does shamans.

these sites also, by only taking the top 200 are factoring out the low end. For example a shaman's dps on a given fight with the same player could range from 1800 to 2200 just due to luck basically. A class like a mage for example might top out at 2400, but their low end might be 1600 just due to luck. Average dps is the same, but since worldoflogs and stateofdps only look at the top 200 they effectively dismiss this and shamans look much worse than they are.

Are shamans at the top? No, but the difference between them and the top is much less then shown on sites like worldoflogs and stateofdps.

Also somthing pushing shamans toward the bottom on a lot of fights is a lack of mobile aoe. This is addressed in the next patch.

As for which spec is better? Elemental is better in a stand still fight and enhancement is better on the move. Really they are pretty even, but elemental take a lot less concentration to play imo so thats what i went.

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